Who is Marie Papillon, the heroine of La Graine?

Who is Marie Papillon, the heroine of La Graine?

The 32-year-old young woman with many professional facets caused a stir in 2020 after revealing her romantic affair with singer Angèle. Now it reappears on our screens on the cover of the film “La Graine”.

She was born in Le Havre in 1988 and has now found her home in the City of Light. Mary butterfly became particularly well known on Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic. Today her account is very active and 306,000 followers follow her funny videos with unusual humor every day. His dog, Bibi, whom she loves more than anything, is the star of her social networks and she stages him in more burlesque situations than the others. This dog star even had the privilege of appearing in the clip. Yes or no by Angela.

The comedian had also launched his own content on YouTube: ” Mary in your box “But she also collaborates a lot with many other videographers on the platform.

business women

Mary butterfly is not only an actress with a lively sense of humor, she is also a true businesswoman who has managed the feat of building five successful companies in less than a decade.

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Initially as a co-founder of the refectory », a Parisian food truck. Still working on the culinary side, she founded Le Supermarketa famous street canteen in the capital.

In 2021 she will publish her first book entitled “ Marinette » in homage to the imaginary character she stages in her real stories on Instagram. This fictional character, through a filter, represents an innocent little girl who constantly questions her mother about life and its problems. The book therefore makes it possible to question, in an always childlike tone, various delicate issues in life such as homophobia, disability, masturbation, gender, the environment, etc. It’s the talented designer Blanche Sabbah who brings this twenty-chapter comic book to life thanks to his pencil.

Never ending, the comedian opens a photo studio with several projects, which she ” Studio Maurice in honor of his late grandfather. This studio has gained notoriety as it has hosted a number of prestigious brands within its premises such as; YSL, Zadig and Voltaire, L’Oreal, Cacharel… And of course many star artists angelaor Clara Luciani.

Starting a career in cinema?

Posted May 3rd on Amazon Prime Video: “ seed shows the actress in her first cinema role, accompanied by the famous actress Stacy Martinknown for their serious films.

The comedy plays with the tone of humor to denounce the unfairness of obtaining a PMA for gay couples. In fact, Lucie and Inès, played by the two young women, are confronted with various problems, all of which resort to the absurd to soften the seriousness of the situation. After five attempts at PMA, they then travel to Belgium in hopes of finding THE seed.

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