Who is Fleur Geffrier, the French star of Les Gouttes de Dieu?

Who is Fleur Geffrier, the French star of Les Gouttes de Dieu?

Launched on April 21st on Apple TV+, Les Gouttes de Dieu is the series of the moment driven in particular by the French Fleur Geffrier.

Very successful adaptation of the manga of the same name, the series The Drops of God is available since April 21, before later being broadcast on France 2. In particular, at the head of this series is the French actress Fleur Geffrier, one of the new faces of our French series for a few years.

It’s in an excellent episode of Season 6 of profiling that the actress is performing for the first time, ”Demonic‘, an episode in which we also saw Geoffroy Thibault. She will then headline the Ephemeral Prof T alongside Matthieu Bisson. Fleur Greffier then acted in 2 episodes of The Art of Crimeto the slasher of France 2, The cottage, but also in Double Je or Inside. She is also used to big international productions since we find her in the series The boat. She also joins a few guests in shows like The Little Murders or The Code. She will also soon be starring in Rodolphe Tissot’s new series The Spies of Terror. Last year we saw him in the excellent series in the role of Claire Keim’s mother Aim for the heart, but through flashbacks. Definitely one of the faces to follow in the years to come, Les Gouttes de Dieu should make him a star around the world.

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