Who is Chine Thybaud, the actress who plays Victoire at the Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec?

Who is Chine Thybaud, the actress who plays Victoire at the Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec?

In front of more than 3.6 million viewers, we discovered the series Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec and its new heroine, the very charismatic Chine Thybaud.

We love funny and moving series like High School Toulouse Lautrec On TF1et we love it when we see them get hit. And maybe you felt like you recognized Chine Thybaud, interpreter of Victoire.

What is the Toulouse-Lautrec high school? Victoire, 17, is forced to attend the Toulouse Lautrec high school, an institution for students with disabilities. Although recalcitrant at first, she will gradually overcome her prejudices in this extraordinary place. There she will discover friendship, love, solidarity. The courage and strength of all his classmates, but also the dedication and altruism of parents and teachers. All these everyday heroes will excite you and change you forever.

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Chine Thybaud’s arrival in comedy is fairly recent. As of 2019, like many young actresses, she appeared in short films, clips and even commercials. In the same year she starred in Mélissa DRIGEARD’s film, Everything smiles at us … at the side of Stéphane De Groodt, whom she meets here as the headmaster of the high school.

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But in the summer of 2022, a few weeks before arriving at the TV Fiction Festival, Chine Thybaud was cast in a new Netflix series that had completely neglected the platform in its communication: endless night.

Eva, a lonely 17-year-old girl, meets a gang of teenagers who, to escape boredom, take a batch of Icelotropine, a drug they steal from a clinic specializing in mental disorders. A little blue pill with which you can immerse yourself in dreamlike journeys between dream and reality. But when Eva joins the gang, thanks to one of them, Sébastien, the teenage dreams turn into contagious nightmares and the line of reality is cracked. Sébastien soon finds himself trapped in a labyrinthine dream to which only Eva seems to have the key…

But with this new role of Victoire (inspired by screenwriter Fanny Riedberger, who created the series), the actress is really set to gain notoriety and attention, as she shows herself in this role as sunny, badass and fair “plague” with a big heart, who becomes Marie-Antoinette’s best friend. Her playing is simple, without excess, and she immediately captures the light and attention. While continuing her studies and preparing personal projects, the actress could, we hope, find her role of victory in the future second season. We really hope so.