Who is Anna Biolay, this young actress who was the victim of a “gigantic aggression” on social networks?

Who is Anna Biolay, this young actress who was the victim of a “gigantic aggression” on social networks?

During her first steps in Cannes for Rosalie Di Giusto’s film “Rosalie”, Anna Biolay was the target of numerous attacks on the networks

child of nepotism?

On Thursday, May 18, the young actress, just 20 years old, was heavily criticized on Instagram. The latter appears in the casting of the film “Rosalie”, which is part of the selection In some respects. In addition to the shocking criticism of his physique, he was mainly accused of not being entitled to play in this film. The young actress was born to the marriage of Benjamin Biolay and Chiara Mastroianni and has grandparents who go by the names of Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni. She obviously arouses jealousy.

Luckily, her aunt Coralie Biolay came to her defense by posting a lengthy post on Instagram: “She’s not putting anyone in her place. She has passed 50 auditions, she has read, worked and analyzed tons of films, of course she does not come from the street, but she does not have to endure so much disgrace at the peak of her twenty years. Adding: “I think of all these young women whose daughters stir up hatred because they are beautiful, talented and well-born. Moral aggression is a crime, like physical aggression.” Her father also recalled that she was well aware of her more provincial and more popular roots, namely the Biolay family, originally from Beaujolais.

A born singer

According to Benjamin Biolay, his daughter is a “born singer”. The latter loves Nekfeu and knows all his songs by heart. But she is content to sing rap and rock without an audience. In 2020, she participates in the album produced by her father entitled grand prize. The album is dedicated to the memory of the pilot Jules Bianchi, in which she takes part anonymously under the pseudonym Bambi.

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A career in cinema

At the age of 19, Anna Biolay decided to become an actress. She takes part in the TV movie Chevrotine where she plays Billie, the daughter of Raffi Pitts. She is also in the cast of Stella is in love will be released in August 2022 and tells a love story in 1980s Paris in which a high school girl discovers the legendary nightclub shower baths. She was also in the series Captain Marleau Broadcast on France 2. Finally consecration in Cannes with “Rosalie”, which she would undoubtedly have appreciated more if the parasites of social networks had not attacked her with such violence. In this film, she also stars alongside her father, who she didn’t know was part of the cast.

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