Which WEi member is the king of unofficial glitches? • Kpop News

Which WEi member is the king of unofficial glitches? • Kpop News

What’s inseparable from K-pop idols who want to connect with their fans? Social networks. While classics like Instagram Oui Twitter They’ve been around for a while TIC Tac now it’s a big part of the K-pop world, especially for fourth generation idols. And the talented members of Entertainment YESit is WHITE They work hard on stage and in front of the camera to establish themselves as the best recruits!

white | Entertainment YES

In an exclusive interview with core subscriptionWHITE Seokhwa revealed all the details about the team memorabilia and TikTok matches!


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Inspiration is everywhere for Seokhwa and her teammates alike – the group is constantly motivated to create creative content for RUi to see. According to Seokhwa, creating the videos is not difficult for them either. Although accidentally “Ideas come” to WEi.

Seokhwa | Entertainment YES

I’m the type who can create content from scratch. I’m actually working on one right now! In general, ideas come to me randomly. And the members often ask me to film them too.

— Seokhwa

Finally, thanks to TikTok, Seokhwa learned a new skill: lightning-fast memorization! like him “AND GG Stan” Member voiced by RUi, Seokhwa is now a master at learning choreography in no time.


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I’m responsible for covering girl group performances on WEi. Since I’ve done all the TikTok challenges, I’m memorizing the dances really quickly now!

— Seokhwa

Meanwhile, Seokhwa called out playfully. Yongha Being WEi’s official unofficial “Blooper King”, stating that Yongha “That causes the most bloopers.”

It seems that although Yongha takes a long time, he looks flawless in the final versions!


spray, spray

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It took almost an hour to film his TikTok challenge!

— Seokhwa

Seokhwa noticed this as well daehyeon Oui Junseo “major” by following the ever-changing TikTok trends. But on the other hand, Junseo is a communication master for RUi on other platforms, so everything evens out!

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Junio ​​| Entertainment YES

With clips from “Ouch!” cute for “Oh!” hot, WEis TikTok @wei__official is diamond of one account. Follow us for even more content!


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