Which places are “connected to Macron” and being targeted?

Which places are “connected to Macron” and being targeted?

Recently, several locations have been targeted for their alleged links to French President Emmanuel Macron. These protests are part of a broader protest movement against the pension reform.

Destinations include the Jean Trogneux chocolate factories in Amiens, the Brasserie La Rotonde in Paris, the Fort de Brégançon and the restaurant Pena Pil Pil from Pérols (Hérault). These incidents testify to the ongoing tensions in the country and polarization surrounding government reforms.

chocolate factories Jean Trogneux in Amiens

chocolate factories Jean Trogneux were originally founded by the great-grandfather of Brigitte Macron, wife of President Macron. A creation from 1872 whose founder was Jean-Baptiste Trogneux, baker and confectioner. In particular, the chocolate factory on Place Notre-Dame in Amiens has been passed down from generation to generation by the Trogneux family. Shops were also set up in other towns, in addition to other outlets in Amiens Jean Trogneux (Le Touquet, Lille, Aras, Saint Quentin). Everything has been said about this family business with owners, from father to son, from President Macron’s family… This is how chocolate factories have been the target of vandalism and harassment since the 2017 presidential election. Insults and spitting, demonstrations against the pension reform led to property damage and in a recent case to a physical attack on a member of the Trogneux family. These incidents highlight the intensity of political and social tensions in France and the way in which some people express their dissatisfaction through acts of violence and intimidation.

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Shocking attack on Brigitte Macron’s great-nephew during an undeclared demonstration in Amiens

A violent attack erupted in Amiens city center on Monday evening, shortly after the interview with Emmanuel Macron was broadcast in the 8pm newspaper on TF1. Jean Baptiste Trogneux, 29, 6th One of those generations, Brigitte Macron’s great-nephew, was attacked while returning home to his apartment above the family’s chocolate factory, which he has run since 2019. The attackers were participants in a non-government demonstration that highlighted social tensions that persist in the country.

Eight people were arrested and taken into custody after this shocking attack. According to Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, the victim’s father, Jean-Baptiste was on his way home around 10 p.m. when protesters recognized him and attacked him. He was severely beaten and received numerous slaps in the face. He suffered traumatic injuries and has to undergo a brain scan. The consequences of this aggression are visible on various parts of his body.

Desperate and saddened, Jean-Alexandre Trogneux denounced the unfair mix-ups made since Emmanuel Macron was elected. He pointed out that there was no financial connection between the Trogneux company and the President, but unfortunately this false connection had led to sometimes even devastating hatred towards her family and her businesses. He expressed his frustration at this situation and said that taking action against the Trogneux family was a colossal mistake.

« You don’t have the right to attack someone else on the pretext that they are a family member of a political representative, that’s ridiculous he said, stressing the importance of not confusing the political sphere with family business activities.

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Jean-Baptiste Trogneux himself expressed the wish to see his family in peace and to put an end to these attacks. ” Leave us alone. The store doesn’t do politics “He said, stressing that their company has no relation to the country’s economic and social decisions.

It is not the first time that the chocolate factory has been targeted by Emmanuel Macron’s opponents. In 2018, Jean-Alexandre Trogneux had publicly urged the Yellow Vests not to target his business:

«We have nothing to do with the country’s economic and social policies. Emmanuel Macron has no part in our trade. I don’t understand all these people who keep harassing us. Some even call for a boycott of our shops and our products. You mix everything!».

brewery the roundabout in Paris

brewery the roundaboutLocated in the Montparnasse district of Paris, the building is also associated with President Macron. During his presidential campaign in 2017, Emmanuel Macron chose this location to celebrate his qualification for the second round of elections. Since then, the roundabout has become a controversial symbol, seen by some as a symbol of elitism and the president’s alleged distancing from the realities of ordinary people.

Macron’s celebration at the roundabout elicited mixed reactions. Some saw it as a desire to get closer to people in a popular place, while others saw the event as further evidence of his alienation from the working class. This connection between the President and the roundabout polarized public opinion and contributed to the perception of a gap between government policies and citizens’ concerns.

Fort Bregançon

Fort Brégançon is located on the Mediterranean coast in the Var, in the town of Bormes-les-Mimosas. It has been the official summer residence of the Presidents of the French Republic since 1968. It was chosen to offer executives a place to rest and work in a privileged environment. Fort Brégançon has therefore acquired a historical and symbolic value: it has become the symbol of the President’s power.

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Some protesters see the residence as a symbol of opulence and the distance between political leaders and the populace. Although the fort itself has not been directly attacked, it has become a place of protest and a rallying point for those questioning government policies. In December 2018 in particular, yellow vests had tried to occupy the fort to meet the head of state. A rally against the health passport was organized in August 2021: a rally was called on Saturday, August 7, 2021, on the beach of Brégançon, opposite the fortress, during the holidays of the President of the Republic. During the anti-pension reform demonstrations, Fort Brégançon was the scene of rallies and protests. In March 2023, voluntary power outages specifically targeted the presidential residence: ” We made these cuts near the Six-Fours/La Seyne industrial area on the Île du Levant, but also in Fort de Brégançon for the Symbol and La Londe », stated Denis Mangot from UnsaEnergie.

restaurant Pena Pil Pil from Perols (Herault)

On Thursday April 20, 2023, President Macron traveled in the Hérault. On a surprise stop, he finds himself in the streets of Pérols and decides to stop at the terrace of the Peña Pil Pil restaurant. The place suffers the consequences soon after… With a reference to Google which fell sharply in the following hours (from 5/5 to 1.6/5), and criticisms related directly to the arrival of the head of state:

« Very poorly frequented place… To avoid » ; « The food is good but the moment is spoiled by this rowdy ». …

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