Which is more productive, washing your face with cold or warm water?

Which is more productive, washing your face with cold or warm water?


Every medicine excellence facial skin of course always starts with wash your face.

This process is an important step because it works to remove dirt and dead skin cells before applying other care products.

Still, many people consider the effect of the temperature of the water used to wash the face. Many people find benefits when washing their face with cold water. In fact, washing your face with cold water can be as effective for your skin as preventing acne.

So is washing your face with cold water better than warm water?

Speaking to Byrdie, dermatologists say cold or warm water is better for washing your face than hot water. One reason for this guidance is that many common skin conditions, such as rosacea and atopic dermatitis or eczema, can cause pain.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, neither cold nor hot water is the best option for washing your face. The best temperature of water to wash your face is warm water or look warm.

Choosing a temperature that is not too cold and not too hot will not completely rid your face of oil from too much heat or shrink from the cold.

Benefits of washing your face with cold water

While warm water is the best temperature for washing your face, dermatologists say washing your face with cold water can help your skin in a number of ways, including:

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– can help to control anger due to acne,
– can help reduce swelling in the eye, especially the puffy eyes that many people experience in the morning after waking up.
– can make the skin brighter and less inflamed, too
– reduce the appearance of facial pores.

Side effects of washing your face with cold water

Everyone’s skin and personality is different, so this will vary from person to person. However, bathing in cold water carries some disadvantages.

One thing to keep in mind is that cold water won’t clean your face of bacteria and dirt as well as washing it with warm water.

Facial skin can react to cold water by contracting, which can trap dirt, bacteria, and oil, making cleansing ineffective.

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