Where is Seo Soojin now? Update on Former (G)I-DLE Member in 2023 Kpop News

Where is Seo Soojin now? Update on Former (G)I-DLE Member in 2023 Kpop News

After her retirement from (G)I-DLE in 2021, Seo Soojin’s status in 2023 has attracted attention on various social media platforms. What happened to the idol?

(Photo: Soojin (@daily_soojin Twitter))

Soojin makes an appearance in the music video

(Photo: Soojin (@yeonnicha Twitter))

In 2015, Seo Soojin was originally introduced as N.Na, a potential member of a girl group called VIVIDIVA under DN Entertainment. However, she left the pre-debut group before her official debut.

After three years of not hearing from the idol-trainee, her long-awaited debut finally happened after she was introduced in 2018 as a member of Cube Entertainment’s new girl group (G)I-DLE.

When she first burst onto the K-pop scene, Soojin was pretty much “underrated” until her career suddenly exploded as more and more fans became aware of her rare looks and sultry stage set amid an influx of idols appearing in Girl and innocent crush were concepts.

Soojin's friend tells fans about former (G)I-DLE member

(Photo: Thum)

Soojin's friend tells fans about former (G)I-DLE member

(Photo: iMBC Entertainment – MBC)

She became the main attraction of the group, not only because of her beauty and charisma, but also because of her impeccable dancing skills. Their duality also won more love, surprising K-pop fans with their rather shy and sweet demeanor backstage. The turning point in his career was when the team joined Mnet’s “Queendom”, which brought them even more fans. Soojin especially went viral with her dance scene “Senorita.”

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Seo Soojin in 2021: Idol involved in school bullying controversy with actress Seo Shin Ae

Ex-(G)I-DLE Soojin Shares Litigation Update Exposer – Here is the Final Verdict

(Photo: Soojin (@soojinpic, SBS PD Note))

Unfortunately, that popularity didn’t last long when, in February 2021, Soojin suddenly found himself embroiled in a school violence issue. The former idol is rumored to have bullied her classmate in middle school and she has grown taller than actress Seo Shin Ae hinted. to be his victim.

Despite the accusations, Soojin and Cube Entertainment repeatedly denied this, claiming that she was in fact the victim, but due to the ruined public opinion about her, the idol has to temporarily stop its activities with (G)I-DLE.


(Photo: (G)I-DLE Twitter)

The investigation concluded that it was difficult to verify if the bullying rumor was true due to a lack of evidence, but Seo eventually left the team in August 2021.

There are still many people who support and believe her, but she left the music scene for good when she ended her contract with Cube in March 2022.

What happened to Seo Soojin after he left (G)I-DLE? Idol status in 2023

After leaving her team and agency, there were initial rumors that she was preparing to move to her new agency Big Planet Made in May 2022, but that turned out to be false.

GIDLE Soojin

(Photo: Instagram: @official_g_i_dle)

Since then there have been few if any updates about the idol other than occasional updates from her friends and acquaintances stating that she is fine.

However, in 2023, Soojin is finally breathing and interacting with Neverlands (fandom) after an anecdote about him was circulated on Twitter and TikTok.

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On March 9th, Soojin celebrated her 25th birthday and to celebrate this special day, K-Nevies and fans around the world decided to hold a special event for the idol.


(Photo: (G)I-DLE Twitter)

Though the idol has yet to be seen, she let her fans know she’s still with them and appreciates their love by apparently sending handmade soaps to K-nevies who attended his event at a cafe. Soaps that came from a cryptic sender named “1849” are said to have been sent through Soojin’s acquaintances.

The idol even left a note for her fans like:

“Remember to eat on time.”

Meanwhile, 1849 is a special number combination for Soojin and her mother, who she even tattooed on her hand.

Although Soojin is still not ready to show his face in public again, Neverlands was just happy to be able to create space and a special connection between them and the idol.

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