Where is a former Produce 101 trainee nicknamed “the Uee lookalike” now?

Where is a former Produce 101 trainee nicknamed “the Uee lookalike” now?

This is how this former Produce 101 Season 1 trainee feels after her debut in CLC, a now-defunct girl group.

A good student with good grades and good manners during her school days, Kwon Eun Binqui went to a modeling academy to pursue her dream of becoming a model.

While attending modeling academy, she was selected for her outstanding looks and became an apprentice at Cube Entertainment. She took part in Mnet’s girl group survival show Produce 101 in 2016.

Kwon Eun Bin, who was also known among the Produce 101 trainees for her outstanding visuals, soon debuted as a member of CLC. The SIC was active until last year.

Kwon Eun Bin is tall and thin with long arms and legs, and she is famous for her very small face and good proportions.


Kwon Eun Bin has distinctive features such as a small face, cute nose, round eyes, and plum-like lips. Her graduation photo also went viral thanks to her beauty.

In addition, Kwon Eun Bin ranked 8th in the “Produce 101 Visual TOP11” voted by the trainees themselves, and was often mentioned as looking like beautiful actresses such as Uee, Kwon So Hyun, Kim Ok Bin, and Lee Sung Kyung.


With her extraordinary beauty and talent, Kwon Eun Bin started performing in 2018 in addition to her singing career.

She recently starred in the drama Duty After School. The drama, which is currently being televised, tells the story of high school students fighting a real-life war against a massive alien attack, rather than a college admissions war. In the drama, Kwon Eun Bin captures viewers’ hearts with her role as Yeon Bora, a wild and hot-tempered student.


Source: Daum.

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