Where does the fear of “Friday the 13th” come from?

Where does the fear of “Friday the 13th” come from?

Friday the 13th means bad luck for some and good luck for others… Declaration of the most mystical day of the year.

This year 2022, the superstitious are just crossing their fingers once. In fact, there will only beOnly one Friday the 13th this year. In between irrational fears etc unlucky daythe Friday 13 has spanned the centuries and generations. the paraskevidékatriaphobiques only have to behave on this day marked with a Cross no.

There are all kinds of superstitions: come across a black cat, go under a ladder, break a mirror or roll up an umbrella in it... But Friday the 13th is one of the most common for many origin etc Explanations.

A holy Friday

The first explanation relates to the supper in the Bible. During the last supper of ChristIt is accompanied by his 12 apostles and D’a thirteenth guest unexpected, which will change everything. seen as a traitor Judas would have given that away Christ in front of his Crucifixion on Good Friday. Some legends say so tooeve would have bitten the apple Garden of Eden on a Friday.

The Last Supper, mural painting by Leonardo da Vinci

A curse

In L’Story, Friday the 13th also has a special meaning. In fact, the Friday October 13, 1307the King of France Philip IVbetter known as the beautiful, condemns all Knights Templar to the stake. Before they go to the stake Grand Master of the Templars, Jacques de Molaywould have thrown some kind curse the king With this sentence: “You are all cursed to the thirteenth generation”. then a Succession of misfortune and misfortune would have fallen on them Royal family.

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A broken harmony

in the Greek and Roman beliefs, Friday the 13th is not a good sign either. According to these two mythologies, the 12 is associated with perfection : 12 Olympian gods, 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. Then comes the number 13 break this perfect balance. A Harmony destroyed by the 13thwhat then synonym for misfortune. Besides the Friday is the day dedicated to the executions of the convicts Death.

A persistent fear

Other events continue to tarnish the reputation of Friday the 13th. Friday January 13, 2012the Cruise ship Costa Concordia shipwreck away Tuscancauses the Death of 32 people. Then the Friday, 11/13/2015 mark a Series of deadly attacks in Paris. With a record of 130 dead etc 413 injuredWe remember that Friday the 13th.

Sinking of the Costa Concordia, November 13, 2015

bad luck or good luck?

Conversely, to demystify this day of misfortune, some consider it to be one lucky symbol. With it More than six million French try their luck at the LOTTO on that particular day. A number that doubles in comparison 3 Million regular players. Then for all who luck does not smile on, Burger King gives you a whopper occasionally! Friday the 13th isn’t such an unlucky day.

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