When will Perry Mason season 2 air in France?

When will Perry Mason season 2 air in France?

Three years after it first aired, Season 2 of Perry Mason is coming to France via the new Pass Warner on Prime Video.

As we commemorate this year the 30th anniversary of the disappearance of Raymond Burr who gave his life, the attorney is PerryMason returns for a long-awaited Season 2 from March 16th, the date of the launch of the new one Pass Warner. Since the deal between HBO and OCS ended, you can now watch him on Prime Video every Monday (2 episodes on March 16th) via the new Warner Pass, which is due to be extended until April 3rd. These are 8 episodes that will make up this second season.

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In this new unreleased Season 2, a few months after the fall dodsonthe prosecutor goes to the slums of The angel to identify suspects in the assassination of the “scion” of a powerful oil family who was brutally murdered. perry, Of the etc Paul find themselves at the center of a case that will uncover large-scale conspiracies that will force them to reflect on what it really means to be guilty… Guilty or not, everyone deserves a defense, right?

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