When Hanouna criticizes the civil service… that created TPMP

When Hanouna criticizes the civil service… that created TPMP

Once again, Cyril Hanouna used his show to settle scores, this time for the public service, a group TPMP started in the early 2010s.

If you’re making a show that feeds on the buzz, it’s better to nurture it yourself. And Hanouna understood it well, he who tries to create a little controversy every day. Latest goal: public service! What could be nicer, if you like to play the demagos, than to denounce the supposedly wasted public funds in front of the silence of their columnists, as always “agree with him”.

“I saw something that made me hallucinate. Do you know how much the State gives to France Télévisions and Radio France each year? 3 billion 800,000 million. You can check the numbers. Every year we give 4 billion and without ads because they have ads too. With 4 billion we can buy cars for the police, we can rebuild some hospitals, we can increase the number of teachers. 4 billion euros that we give out of our pockets. Private it to me! »

An outing that did not particularly convince the boss of France Télévisions, who did not fail to answer him: “ it not only finances France Télévisions » : « It funds creation, it funds sport, it funds independent journalism. … I’m not exaggerating because it’s pointless. Just a little wink because we know Cyril well. He was still in public service for ten years!«

So Delphine Ernotte recalls that Hanouna, before becoming the king of C8, where he turned off the entire PAF and where he believes that the only program that will be remembered is TPMP, long in public service and in particular worked in France 4 where he hosted games and shows… One of them was even called Do not touch My TV.

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