When Fishermen and Mothers Are Both Loud Because of Oil

When Fishermen and Mothers Are Both Loud Because of Oil


Exactly at 08.00 WIB, Screwdriver was going around houses in Tangerang area. It is of all kinds fish for every house that is a regular payer.

Unlike the usual days, yesterday (5/9) Screwdriver seemed to be a little crazy and reckless. Although he was usually cheerful whenever he peddled his goods to people’s homes.

“I’m confused, this one is riding, I sell it using a motorcycle. I also take fish to Angke by car. He drinks petrol or tea, uh, he rides,” said Obeng, starting to exercise.

Although what he sells is fish, this is also very effective. If the price of oil increases, the fishermen in the fish market will increase the price because of the increased demand for work.

Not only that, the price of fuel for the motorcycles that use them has increased. But it is difficult to increase the price of fish, especially mothers sometimes still want to bargain.

“Yes, how about it, mackerel is about Rp. 45 thousand, for example, if I increase it to Rp. 50 thousand, I don’t want to obey, women, for sure,” he said.

The pressure between the demands of selling work and the demands of selling products is not only felt by Obeng who sells fish, Maryanah (42) who opened a vegetable stall in Cisauk area is also worried. At present, he has not been able to increase the selling price even though the operating cost of selling has risen.

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“The mothers have already told me that the eggs haven’t come down yet, but the gas continues to rise. When I sold Sepapan tempe for 10,000, the customers were confused, I was confused,” he said.

The increase in the price of fuel is enough to make businessmen and housewives leave. This is because the increase in fuel prices will surely follow the increase in daily needs.

“Businessmen, when something goes up like that, it’s not happy, it’s even confusing. The problem is that when the price goes up, women want to do a lot of shopping, then in the end they don’t want to buy,” said Maryamah. .

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