When Does Monkey Disease Spread?

When Does Monkey Disease Spread?


A case of death monkey bone in the United States it is inevitable that many people think about the spread of smallpox. Can monkeypox spread quickly and unexpectedly?

Hanny Nilasari, the head of the Monkey Measles Disease Control Committee, Executive Board of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI), said that as long as those infected with Monkey Measles do not show symptoms, especially skin eruptions, the disease will not infect others.

Like other viral infections, monkeypox or monkeypox has a duration of 21-28 days.

“The disease enters the human body, then it replicates or reproduces itself. But the patient has not yet contracted the disease, as long as he does not show symptoms, he will not infect other people,” as he told Antara. .

After the virus enters and multiplies, then the symptoms begin to appear. The most common symptom is fever. According to Hanny, more than 70 percent of patients have fever. Other symptoms of swollen lymph nodes, muscle pain, headache or injury are similar to other viral diseases.

The next step, the patient will go through a period of skin eruption in the form of irregularities in the skin. The appearance starts from red areas, then it becomes a nodule, it is rubbery, the crust appears and breaks which will cause a scab.

So when does monkeypox spread?

“Start getting red, nodule, rubber, scab is a condition that spreads from person to person,” said Hanny.

Transmission from one patient to another occurs through skin contact with wounds on the skin of others, with a long distance.

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In addition to wounds, meningitis can also be transmitted through sexual contact and respiratory droplets.

A person with symptoms of monkeypox is advised to immediately consult a health worker. Most patients recover completely within 2-4 weeks without the need for treatment. However, for people with low immunity, it is better to contact and get treatment from a doctor.


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