What is this “original” gift that Pope Charles III. presented at his coronation?

What is this “original” gift that Pope Charles III. presented at his coronation?

King Charles III was presented with a priceless gift in honor of his coronation, which will take place at Westminster Abbey on May 6th

This gift from Pope Francis comes 500 years after that of Pope Paul III. arranged excommunication of King Henry VIII. King Charles III. already had the honor of meeting the Pope in 2017 and then in 2019. The English press quickly discovered what this gift was. They would be two parts of the cross of Christ on which he was crucified. At the king’s initiative, these two ends, which are 5 and 10 mm in size respectively, are “worked into a new silver cross who will lead the procession to Westminster Abbey,” the outlet said. The Telegraph.

Despite the pomp and pomp of this ceremony, this gesture reminds us that this event is also religious. A gift of great value is made by the sovereign pontiff to the Anglican Church, which, however, does not venerate relics. In force “These relics have been venerated for centuries, with pilgrimages to the churches that house them.” pointed out the BBC.

The May 6 ceremony will welcome almost 2,000 guests in Westminster. As protocol dictates, foreign rulers will also give gifts to the new king. Neighborhood parties and a concert at Windsor Castle in west London will follow over the weekend.

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