What is this “bike plan” announced by the government?

What is this “bike plan” announced by the government?

The government is providing a budget of 2 billion euros to encourage the French to make more use of this mode of transport. What is it made of?

The French government has announced an ambitious plan to develop cycling and active mobility in France. By 2027, more than 6 billion euros will be invested, of which 2 billion from the state, to support two-wheelers, develop cycling infrastructure and encourage the purchase of bicycles.

The development of bike lanes and bike lanes will be one of the strengths of this plan. With an investment of 200 million euros from 2023, the government wants to increase the aid to 1.25 billion euros over the entire term of the plan. The aim is to create 80,000 km of safe cycle paths by 2027 and 100,000 km by 2030.

The ‘bicycle plan’ also envisages extending and increasing state subsidies for the purchase of bicycles, as well as taking into account the purchase of used bicycles to be resold by traders. Civil servants can also benefit from a sustainable mobility package increased from 200 to 300 euros.

The project is extensive and also concerns a revision of the road traffic regulations with regard to the use of this ecological means of transport. For example, footpegs are installed at the side of the road so that cyclists can stop at traffic lights without dismounting from the saddle. In order to improve traffic safety, a relocation of the green traffic light crossings for cyclists is also being tested. The ultimate goal is to equip all locations with secure bicycle parking spaces by 2027.

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With the “Savoir Rouler à Vélo” program, the government also wants to speed up the training of children in cycling. The aim is to train 850,000 children a year to cycle by 2027, i.e. 200,000 additional children from 2023. In this way, the French will be made aware of the switch to this green means of transport at an early stage!

This ambitious plan to develop cycling in France is part of a desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote softer and more environmentally friendly mobility. The plan put forward by ministers for the ecological transition is therefore entirely honourable, but should motorists now fear that over the next few years they will find it more difficult to get around on the metropolis’ roads?

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