What is that ? ⋆ K selection

What is that ? ⋆ K selection

Being LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/or Transgender) has long been a taboo subject in Korea, but over the past 2000 years it has become increasingly accepted.

Being LGBT in South Korea: what is it?

Nowadays the “old” generation is still against it, while the “new” generation is more open. Some older people will argue that there are no LGBT people in South Korea. As if, driven by excessive patriotism, they are drowning in denial to save the soul of their country.

If this denial is limited to certain die-hards, there is a whole section of the population (and no less) that still sees and views homosexuality and transgenderism as diseases.

Being LGBT in South Korea: what is it?

Seoul Gay Marriage OUT Protests Against Same-Sex Marriage

It’s still a country where conservatives oppose progressive politicians. While these divisions were relatively outdated in some states, this is not the case in South Korea. A small number take the lead and try to fight against the overwhelming Conservative majority.

LGBT South Korea

This staunch opposition is explained by the fact that South Korea is a country where religion (Protestant Christians in particular are very virulent against LGBT) and ancient cultural prejudices are particularly strong.

Therefore, even for those who feel that they do not practice any religion, it has inevitably flooded Korean culture and customs, such that homosexuality and transgenderism are viewed as sins.

Being LGBT in South Korea: what is it?

Although the new generation has a clear tendency to tolerate LGBT people, and although history has shown cases of toleration of LGBT people, it is difficult for these minorities to find their place in Korean society due to political and government discrimination Find. Citizens.
South Korea’s new generation is increasingly tolerant towards LGBT people.

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Being LGBT in South Korea: what is it?

Korean celebrities often become spokespeople and representatives of this movement. Some celebrities no longer hesitate to come out, like actor Hong Seok-Chun.

We may be witnessing an “expansion” of this open-mindedness in the world of entertainment. Some Korean dramas are ready to integrate the main gay characters, like in “Boy meets Boy” or “Hello my love”.

Although the situation is changing and Korean LGBT people are showing themselves more and more, these people still cannot find a place in a society like Korea for two main reasons: the country does not recognize them or their rights, and they suffer discrimination from other citizens.

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