What is Sick of Myself, the new nugget of Norwegian cinema?

What is Sick of Myself, the new nugget of Norwegian cinema?

This squeaky comedy, which premiered in Cannes last year, seems to have its finger on the pulse

Scandinavian cinema

The Scandinavian countries have directors of great talent who continue to contribute to Europe’s impressive film heritage. In Denmark, the names of Lars von Trier (Melancholy, breaking the waves, nymphomaniac), Thomas Vinterberg (Kursk, Festen, La Chasse or the recently celebrated ones Drunk) or Nicolas Winding Refn (drive, pusher) are enough to make Danish cinema a name. In Sweden, the only names of Ingrid Bergman (actress), Ingmar Bergman (director) or recent Palme d’Or winner Ruben Ostlund (Without filter), make it possible to do the same. What about Norwegian cinema?

Synopsis de sick of me : Signe lives in the shadow of her successful boyfriend Thomas. For lack of attention, she decides to trick those around her into believing that she has a rare disease. But the lie works a little too well and she quickly falls into her own trap.

A Norwegian nugget?

Norwegian cinema is not so familiar to us. Except for Joachim Trier, the best known of today, who recently published Julia in 12 chapters in 2022. But sick of me staged by Kristoffer Borgli, reveals an impertinence and a contemporaneity that is as frightening as it is innovative. Presented in the Un Certain Regard selection, this film would have the same humor and tone as Without filter from Ostlund. In other words, a bleak portrait of the habits and behavior of our time, exaggerated. The film explores the narcissistic demons of our time. Lead actress Kristine Kujath Thorp’s appearance seems to have caught the eye on the Croisette, we saw it in the 2021 film ninja baby, by Norwegian director Yngvild Sve Flikke. sick of me was a success at Cannes and seems to reflect a new trend, we can’t wait to find out in cinemas in France from May 31st.

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