What is Kwangya 119? What we know about SM Entertainment’s new project Kpop News

What is Kwangya 119? What we know about SM Entertainment’s new project Kpop News

With the launch of “SM 3.0”, the agency introduces a so-called “Kwangya 119” for K-pop fans and its artist. Why is?

On March 15th, SM Entertainment announced the launch of their new project “SM 3.0”!

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After CMBThe company previously signed a business agreement with law firm Sejong that will accelerate the implementation of SM 3.0, the entertainment agency’s newly customized system, under CEOs Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Joon.

This partnership will launch a project called KWANGYA 119, a website dedicated to protecting SM Entertainment artists. In particular, the platform will launch a reporting feature that will allow netizens, especially fans, to help gather evidence that artists are being slandered, defamed or maliciously commented on by sharing evidence of illegal activities.

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“KWANGYA 119” will essentially serve as a “whistleblower” website to assist and expedite legal action to be taken against haters and malicious comments, led by the law firm Sejong.

SM Entertainment explained:

“(SM Entertainment) accepts responsibility for all forms of illegal activity, such as B. Synthesizing the artist’s portrait without permission, as well as spreading false information, malicious slander, abusive language, sexual harassment, and invasion of our artists’ privacy.

We have decided to respond immediately and decisively to all forms of illegal activity such as editing and producing content without permission.”

aespa Giselle complains that these are members

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KWANGYA 119 will open in Korea, but is also available for international fans to respond to illegal activities related to their artists by any means without leniency or agreement.

What is SM 3.0? All about the new business system

Meanwhile, “KWANGYA 119” is just one of the projects of the newly launched “SM 3.0” system.

After SM Entertainment, led by Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Joon, was acquired by Kakao after HYBE withdrew from the fight to instead work with the former, SM 3.0 will follow.

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This new era will eliminate founder Lee Soo Man’s monopolistic production system and instead focus on four major growth areas including global music release, label takeover, fandom economy and high-end IP-based metaverse quality that captures the essence of SM -Entertainment is industry. .

Some of his biggest goals were to launch a virtual artist (Naevis) with four new bands this year. Each artist will have more comebacks (group or solo) each year, reaching their quota of 41 annual albums.

Insiders claim THAT SM Entertainment artists will receive

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aespa upper level

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Among them, aespa and SHINee will return in May, while EXO will fully come together again this spring. SuperM will also return in April, with Nevis debuting as a virtual solo artist.

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