What is Fubar the Series Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger on Netflix?

What is Fubar the Series Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger on Netflix?

Today “Fubar” is coming to Netflix. Arnold Schwarzenegger is making a comeback in a series, a first for the action film actor.

At 75, Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in a Netflix series for the first time. Fubar (American acronym that could be translated as irrevocably fucked) is a mini spy series with 8 episodes (50 minutes on average). It was written by Nick Santora (creator of). Scorpio) and co-produced by Arnold.

The summary is as follows: When a father (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and daughter (Monica Barbaro) find out they’ve been secretly working for the CIA for years, they realize they don’t know each other. Forced to team up, this unlikely duo embarks on dangerous missions on the international espionage scene.

75-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger is the hero of the series. A first for the actor who only knows the series. He noted that the movie star still made rare appearances on old soap operas like The Streets of San Francisco (1972) or the more recent sitcom My Uncle Charlie (2003).

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At the casting, the bodybuilder will be accompanied in particular by Monica Barbaro, who plays his daughter. At her side Travis Van Winkle in the skin of the computer genius Barry or the comedian Forthune Feimster (Dear White People) in the role of the formwork brute Ruth. The series also reunites Jay Baruchel, Andy Buckley, Barbara Eve Harris, Milan Carter, Gabriel Luna, Aparna Brielle and even Fabiana Udenio.

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Netflix clarifies that the series will explore “universal family dynamics set against a backdrop of espionage, action and humor.”

Mixed reviews

Reviews so far have been mixed. When it comes to Allo cinema, “Fubar fails to strike the right balance between comedy and action. The episodes are way too long (50 minutes on average) and the dialogue is sluggish and ponderous.”for Numerama “We’re getting started footbar with the desire to unlock your head before explosions and intense arm fights, but you’d rather stay because of the good-natured atmosphere that emanates from it.” “We love hearing the tasty punchlines of these two roving takes.”