What if Superman was played by Nicolas Cage and directed by Tim Burton?

What if Superman was played by Nicolas Cage and directed by Tim Burton?

Nicolas Cage has revealed that a Superman project he was set to play never saw the light of day after several attempts

A kind of samurai/emo with long black hair was the vision of the superman envisioned by Nicolas Cage and Tim Burton. A promising project that never saw the light of day. Justified Superman lives, this film was to be the “most powerful” version of any Superman film ever made. Furthermore, it should be noted that Nicolas Cage is a total comic book fan and even named his son Kal-EI, the same name as Superman on his home planet. The actor even owned one of the best copies of action comics until the 2000s before it was stolen. As an indication, the same example sold for $1.5 million in 2011.

Andrés Muschietti, during an interview with media outlet Esquire Middle East, about his next film The LightningHe literally spoiled Superman’s cameo appearance: it will be Nicolas Cage who will embody the role of DC Comics’ greatest superhero. the performers in this movie are Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck und Ezra Miller. Tim Burton and Cage’s version, written by Kevin Smith, was supposed to revolve around the battle between Superman and Doomsday. 25 years later, Nicolas Cage will finally have the honor of donning the costume of the legendary hero, Superman. The release of the Flash feature film is planned on June 14, 2023 in dark rooms. Here is the final trailer.

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