What if Marvel had “caught” us from the start of Phase 4 of the MCU?

What if Marvel had “caught” us from the start of Phase 4 of the MCU?

Since Engame, despite some big hits, Marvel seems to have lost its “mojo”. Many of his projects are criticized. But if in reality everything was the result of a prepared plan?

As we trawl the web, we realize that Marvel is a theory-generating machine. Often far western, fans believe they can forestall the studio’s actions. As for Dr stranger 2 where many fans had speculated on many theories…which turned out to be dead wrong.

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On the other hand, many share that since the start of phase 4, the coherence previously maintained in the MCU seems to have disappeared. Major inconsistencies come to light and the schedule no longer seems to be adhered to or at least controlled. Maintaining true consistency between the MCU’s growing body of projects seems impossible to many, hence these errors. But for others, these “mistakes” are just too numerous to make no real sense of them and be prepared in reality. We remember the words of Kevin Feige presenting phases 5 and 6: “You will see that everything has a meaning“.

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Among these “extreme experts”, adapted from rather crazy theories, there is one that has caught our attention and that we find quite interesting. It is that of Youtuber Kevin Bukkart. In one of his last videos, he explains that Marvel’s plans are well prepared for him and that in reality, without telling us, the series and films move from one multiverse to another.

Without revealing his thoughts on how The Multiverse Saga ends in phase 6 through Secret Wars in which two realities collide, audiences must not only bond with the heroes of our multiverse (whom we’ve known since the beginning of the MCU), but also with the heroes of the other multiverse who will clash with ours. But to better preserve the element of surprise, Kevin Feige will have deliberately refrained from saying which universe such a hero or event belongs to. Some examples :

  • The Eternals: This explanation would help to understand why the birth of the Celestial at the end of the film is not mentioned in any other MCU films
  • She-Hulk: This explanation would help to understand why the series seems to be developing in a universe that is very far from the MCU, why Daredevil is also different, just like Hulk and his son.
  • This explanation also helps to understand why some projects, we refer to Earth 19,999 when we know it’s mentioned as Earth 616 in the MCU.
  • This explanation helps to understand how the mutants managed to escape our attention all along.

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Basically we would have two universes facing each other and almost mirroring each other: 1 without Kang after the death of “He Who Stays” in Loki; and another featuring all variants of Kang (featuring Shang-Shi, The Eternals, Moon Knight, Miss Marvel, and She Hulk)

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