What Does Surinamese Java Taste Like?

What Does Surinamese Java Taste Like?


Latin American country name, Suriname stop after the South Korean concert Narco-Saints show on Netflix. Later, because of the series, the government of Suriname sued Netflix and South Korea for the story that was considered to be misleading.

Regardless of the appeal, Suriname is a country that is very thick with Indonesian culture, language, and even ethnicity. Suriname is also often referred to as the island of Java in America.

So why is Suriname so thick with Indonesian culture, especially Javanese?

Suriname is one of the smallest countries in South America. Although they are not many, but the people of the country are ethnically diverse. Including the Javanese tribes that originated from Indonesia.

No wonder when visiting Suriname, there are many locals who can speak Javanese. Even their size and face is exactly Indonesian.

This is because of the Javanese descent or the people of the Java Island in Indonesia who were previously contract workers about one-seventh of the Indonesian population. Suriname.

Different Javanese

The official language in this country is Dutch. However, not all citizens can speak Dutch. In fact, this language is used as a second language by most people in Suriname.

The initiative Britannicaadditional languages ​​that are actually commonly used are Sranan and other Creole languages, English, Sarnami, derived from Hindi and Urdu, Javanese, and some Indian and South American Maroon languages.

Launched by Radboud University, the Surinamese Javanese language itself has been used for more than a century in the country. However, this Javanese language is not the same as the Javanese language commonly used in Indonesia.

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Not only the vocabulary, but also the grammar is different. This can happen because many people switch between Javanese, Dutch and Sranantongo. Surinamese Javanese have also had an influence on these languages.

As a result, the language continued to differ from Javanese in Indonesia.

There is also a game

Bottom line, there is definitely a strong tradition with them. So Suriname. The culture and traditions of this country come from many tribes.

The art form of Suriname is derived from many ethnic cultures. Those of Javanese descent, for example, support many gamelan groups. The Indians and Maroons of Suriname developed a strong handicraft industry, producing colorful fabrics, baskets and carved wood for export.


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