What can be done so that the pregnancy does not disappear?

What can be done so that the pregnancy does not disappear?


There are many ways that can be done to prevent pregnancy. A swollen stomach not only the appearance of stress, but it can also bring diseases.

It started to rise fat, diabetes, heart, cancer. Before you get upset, here are some things you can do to prevent it.

So, what are the signs that indicate that pregnancy has entered the unknown category? Some people may think that internal irregularities are classified as spiral.

However, according to the Ministry of Health, the measure of the decrease in the belly which is dangerous and indicates central obesity is the circumference of the belly above 90 cm for men and above 80 cm for women.

So, what should be done so that the pregnancy does not disappear? Here is the explanation.

1. Loss of appetite at night

The first way to prevent bloating is not to eat at night. You can still eat dinner but it’s not too late until it’s almost bedtime. Because when you sleep, the body parts also rest.

If you are already resting, the incoming food is not processed immediately, so it is possible that it accumulates and one of them is in the stomach area. So, you should make a food schedule so that your stomach doesn’t get lost.

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For example, the last heavy dinner at 19.00, after that do not eat again. Then, sleep for about two to three hours after that.

2. Don’t eat too much

low protein food comparisonWhat can be done so that the pregnancy does not disappear? Of course, by not eating too much. (Photo: iStockphoto/amenic181)

You may not eat dinner, but you eat a lot in the morning and afternoon. And don’t do this so that you don’t get upset.

Because, eating a lot of food also has the potential to cause the accumulation of calories in the body and make the stomach upset. Eat within your daily caloric needs and stop before you feel full.

3. Shape of food

You need to provide food so that the stomach does not disappear. The diet reduces the weight of men, for example by increasing the amount of protein instead of fat.

Protein is good for boosting the body’s metabolism to prevent waste. In addition, a diet rich in fiber is needed to facilitate digestion.

While fat should be reduced, especially saturated fat from fried foods, fast foods, processed foods, etc. Choose healthy fats such as from seafood and olive oil.

4. Add water

An example of a woman drinking mineral waterExample. One way to prevent stomach aches is to drink plenty of water. (Photo: iStock/Pongtep Chithan)

Tips for not losing your stomach after eating is to use a lot of water. The reason is that water is beneficial for maintaining the body’s circulation.

In addition, drinking plenty of water can also curb the urge to snack and eat sweet foods that are prone to upset stomachs.

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5. Carrying goods

People often think that in order not to lose weight, it must be an exercise that helps to lose weight. However, this is not the case.

So, what exercise to reduce pregnancy? You can try weightlifting. This exercise can reduce belly fat without losing weight.

In fact, weight training can replace fat with muscle mass. Thus, the inside is also flat.

Several studies have shown that lifting weights can reduce the risk of abdominal obesity or abdominal fat. In fact, weight training for a few weeks can increase the body’s energy levels.

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What can be done so that the pregnancy does not disappear?