What are the top 10 rankings of France at Eurovision

What are the top 10 rankings of France at Eurovision

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 9th, the 67th edition of the competition will take place in the United Kingdom, where France will be represented by La Zarra. Since its first edition in 1956, France has been one of the countries that has stood out the most in terms of Eurovision rankings. Will France finish first five times and second five times in this competition, and with the most third places, take first place in the rankings they have been patiently waiting for 46 years?

Five times 1st place in the competition

  • In 1958 for the first time with the song “sleep my love‘, performed by André Claveau.
  • In 1960with the song “Tom Pillibi‘ performed by Jacqueline Boyer.
  • In 1962with the song “A first love‘ interpreted by Isabelle Aubret.
  • In 1969with the song “one day a child‘, performed by Frida Boccara.
  • And finally clean 1977with the song “The Bird and the Child“, interpreted by Marie Myriam.
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Five times also 2nd place in the competition

  • first 1957with the song “The beautiful love‘, interpreted by Paule Desjardins.
  • In 1976with the song “One two three‘ performed by Catherine Ferry.
  • In 1990with the song “White and black blues“, interpreted by Joëlle Ursull.
  • In 1991with the song “The last to speak“, interpreted by Amina.
  • In 2021with the song “Voila‘, interpreted by Barbara Pravi.

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