What are the Quidditch rules?

What are the Quidditch rules?

On the occasion of the opening of the Harry Potter exhibition, a little reminder of the rules of the wizard’s favorite game: Quidditch!

The exhibition opens its doors at the Porte de Versailles tomorrow, Friday 21 April, until early October. This massive exhibit immerses viewers in iconic moments, characters, locations and animals from the Harry Potter and Wizarding World films through unprecedented immersive design and technology. It’s accessible 7 days a week and reservations keep coming.

Quidditch, a fantastic game

during the game Hogwarts legacy a hit since its release on PS5, one element wasn’t present in the game: Quidditch. In fact, Warner Bros. was already working on a game dedicated specifically to the wizards’ favorite game. “Fans have been asking for a game for a long time quidditchand we have been working with Unbroken Studios for several years to create gameplay that lives up to their expectations.”Warner Bros. announces. Playtests will take place April 21-23.

What are the rules?

The famous video game is called Harry Potter: Quidditch Championsit has been in development for several years, it will be and will be online a multiplayer mode. This sensational game led to real professional matches (without stealing, of course). Two teams of 7 players compete against each other, who have to score as many points as possible within a given time. The first team to come 150 points wins the gamebut if the catcher is enough To catch the snitch, his team wins.

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Each team consists of: 1 catcher (looking for the snitch), 3 pursuers (pulling the Quaffle into the rings), 1 goalkeeper (who defends the rings) and 2 rackets (the Cognards hitting enchanted balls very angrily to make the other players fall off their brooms).

Two teams compete at Quidditch in Limoges. Report France 3.
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