What are the most dangerous countries in the world?

What are the most dangerous countries in the world?

In December, the travel agency Swiftest published a ranking of the 50 most dangerous countries in the world

The criteria used by this specialized website for this classification are as follows: fatality rate, road traffic mortality, mortality from accidental poisoning, mortality rate from unsanitary conditions, years of life lost due to communicable diseases, years of life lost due to injuries, and natural disaster risk rate. This study was conducted among the 50 most visited places in the world, suggesting that there are undoubtedly fewer safer places on earth, but they are certainly very under-visited. Because of the war, Ukraine and Russia were excluded from the ranking.

South Africa, at the top of the rankings

South Africa, despite being one of the richest countries in Africa and known for its tourism, comes first in this list of the most dangerous countries in the world. This is mainly due to gangs, natural hazards and the slowness of the justice system. The US State Department reports: “Violent crimes such as armed robbery, rape, auto theft, mugging and assault on vehicles are common. In the business districts of major cities, the risk of violent crime is higher after dark.”

Cape Town, South Africa. City where the leaders of the Mongrels gang operate.

India, the highest mortality rate

Next comes India, not that there are many murders, but the very poor hygienic conditions make the country more prone to deaths. In this caste society, in which more than 1.4 billion people live together, many rapes are committed. It is also the most populous country on earth. To avoid risks it is better to travel with others, The Swiftest reminds us that traveling to large hotels exposes you to much less danger.

A busy street in India

This list of the most dangerous countries in the world is completed below:

  • 1- South Africa
  • 2- Independent
  • 3- Dominican Republic
  • 4- Mexico
  • 5- Brazil
  • 6- Cambodia
  • 7- Philippines
  • 8- Saudi Arabia
  • 9-Vietnam
  • 10- Indonesia
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Conversely, this classification makes it possible to determine the “safest” places on the planet. These often rich countries always have a police force and the latest technology to ward off all possible dangers. We find that legislation and social frameworks that protect populations from precariousness often make it possible to reduce crime rates and improve quality of life.

Singapore, ranked as the “safest” city-state

It is the city with the lowest homicide rate of the 50 countries in the ranking. With ubiquitous police and very strict laws, this Asian Eldorado is the safest city in the world. In addition, offenses that can be considered minor in France can be punished very severely there. For example, using language that is perceived as coarse or crossing a street in an area that does not allow it are acts that are heavily sanctioned by the authorities.

Skyscrapers in Singapore

Denmark, second safest country

The country’s strong social levers, as well as heavy police presence, have meant that the country’s crime rate has dropped dramatically. Cities like Copenhagen have repeatedly been voted the best cities to live in Europe. A lot of social reintegration efforts have been made, the minimum wage is very high and bicycle use is extremely democratized. After all, this country has a relatively transparent state, which increases the trust of the population. Like Norway and other northern countries, it is a country ahead of equality and welfare system. In short, a very “healthy” country.

A photo of the very touristy harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark.

This list of the “safest” countries to travel to is completed below:

  1. Singapore
  2. Denmark
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Switzerland
  5. Israel
  6. Sweden
  7. Austria
  8. Ireland
  9. Italy
  10. Germany
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