What are the benefits of learning Korean?

What are the benefits of learning Korean?

For many years, the learning of so-called oriental languages ​​was mainly focused on Chinese and Japanese.

However, with the growing popularity of the Hallyu wave, Korean has become one of the most popular languages ​​with more and more people wanting to learn it.

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Unfortunately, by all the goodwill in the world, it takes years to become fluent in a language. So you have to be patient.

But what are the rewards for gaining Korean proficiency? Will the time and energy that learners devote to learning the language pay off?

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So if you’re wondering the benefits of learning Korean, we’ve put together a list of good points for you.

  1. The Korean alphabet or Hangeul

What are the benefits of learning Korean?  K selection

The writing system may seem intimidating, but it’s actually very simple! In fact, the Korean language is considered the most logical writing system in the world. Hangeul was created by King Sejong who took inspiration from our morphology to create the letters.

What are the benefits of learning Korean?  K selection

Hangeul consists of 24 letters, all of which are written phonetically. It will make you happy to be able to read a completely different alphabet!

  1. It will help you learn Korean pop culture

What are the benefits of learning Korean?  K selection

Watching a kdrama or a korean show, listening to kpop songs or even reading korean articles will change your life!

In fact, there are certain terms, certain things that cannot be translated and you need to know the language and its culture to fully understand what is at stake.

What are the benefits of learning Korean?  K selection

Therefore, by learning Korean, you will understand the subtleties that can be hidden behind the words of your favorite idols, or you will be able to better understand the lyrics of a song.

  1. make korean friends
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Future career choices for Korean kids are athletes, teachers, YouTubers

Although many young Koreans speak English, they can be intimidated by foreigners. On the other hand, if you address them in Korean, they will be impressed and may find it easier to open up to you!

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Imagine having a Korean friend showing you authentic Korea, introducing you to little-known dishes, or even explaining more about their culture! It is a true treasure to have such a friendship.

  1. Find a job and even live in Korea

career choice south korea developer

One of your dreams could be to live and work in Korea. In this case, learning Korean is important.

Even though the country is increasingly adopting English, speaking Korean will be of great help to get a job and even a visa.

  1. Read books and even webtoons

What are the benefits of learning Korean?  K selection

Although many authors are translated into French and English, there are many others who exist only in their native language.

What are the benefits of learning Korean?  K selection

If reading a book is a bit difficult, reading a webtoon or a manhwa would be a good compromise to discover other authors while learning the language even better!

  1. Travel or study in Korea

Career choice South Korea

Even if you don’t want to live in Korea for long, you can travel there as part of your studies or even stay there for a few months.

career choice south korea office

In these cases, speaking Korean will definitely help you in everyday life, since not all Koreans speak English and many things are not translated (especially in supermarkets).

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There are many reasons to learn Korean and if you have the time it will be beneficial anyway, if only for your brain.

Prefer spring between March and June or autumn between September and November.  The air is getting drier, fresher and so are the landscapes of South Korea

Of course, learning a language is never easy, but seeing your progress by watching kdramas or listening to a song is really nice.

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Whatever your reason, we can assure you that you will benefit from learning Korean!