What are Brigitte Bardot’s 5 emblematic films?

What are Brigitte Bardot’s 5 emblematic films?

To commemorate the May 8th broadcast of the series BARDOT On France 2, zoom in on the five emblematic films of the legendary Brigitte Bardot’s career. Actress, model, singer, animal rights activist… the golden-haired BB has taken on many facets to stand out from the big names of the last century.

And God…Created Woman (1956)

Bridget Bardot, in the role of Juliette, embodies an 18-year-old woman of unruly beauty and sensuality. She is courted by three men with diametrically opposed charms: Carradine, the forty-year-old director of a nightclub, the responsible and serious Michel, and Antoine, the most resourceful and adventurous of the three. Juliette rejects the advances of the first and marries the second to leave the orphanage, although she is in love with the last.

This film, which caused a scandal in the United States because of the actress’s nudity, welcomes a real triumph in France. He places himself in the legacy of cult films and starts the prestigious career of Bridget Bardot.

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The Truth (1960)

This time bb surprises the audience by moving from light comedy to a real tragic actress. His rendition of Dominique Marceau, accused of murdering his lover, his sister Annie’s fiancé: the talented musician Gilbert Tellier, has been acclaimed by critics and the public that looks into it Bridget Bardother true talent as an actress.

In an exclusive interview with Vogue in 2012, she confirmed that she wasn’t content with playing the role, but that she really stepped into the shoes of Dominique, whose life reminded her more than just hers. She had such a hard time letting that tragic role out of her mind that she attempted suicide a few months after filming. She still thinks it’s hands down the best film she’s lent her gifts to.

The Contempt (1963)

In the most beautiful lyrical film by Godard, Bridget Bardot breaks the screen with her role as Camille. The young woman is very much in love with her writer husband Paul. But her disdain for him grows as the film progresses. Although the origin of this contempt remains secret, the reasons are easy to guess. She clings to her adventure with producer and flippant Jeremy Prokosch to further humiliate her husband. Their crazy and arrogant affair will overwhelm them as they both die in a car accident while fleeing to Rome.

The Oilers (1971)

Louise, played by our famous blonde actress, is the leader of the gang made up of her four sisters who are spreading terror in the Far West. This western-style comedy tells the story of the rivalry between the band and antagonist Maria Sarrazin over the property title the sisters stole from a ranch believed to be an oil producer.

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In Case of Disaster (1958)

The bb this time took on the role of a 23-year-old crook named Yvette Maudet, who knocked a woman unconscious during her attempted burglary at a watchmaker’s. This case marks the beginning of his passionate relationship with his lawyer, who even goes so far as to make false statements out of love. The promiscuous young woman also sees another younger man at the same time, while her lover’s career is threatened by the doubts hanging over the false witness.

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