What allegations does agent Sonia Souid make against Noël Le Graët?

What allegations does agent Sonia Souid make against Noël Le Graët?

The latest statement by sports agent Sonia Souid casts a new black veil on FFF President Noël Le Graët

Inadequate behaviour

Just days after derogatory remarks against star Zinedine Zidane, Noël Le Graët made headlines again. In fact, in an interview with The team, the renowned sports agent Sonia Souid, confided in a more than inappropriate behavior of the president. He made her many advances between 2013 and 2017: invitations to dinner, very frequent messages and calls, etc. In the interview with BFM TV, she mentions in particular a professional meeting to which the President had invited him, accompanied by sports director Brigitte Henriques , who never came will. At that time the agent was 28 and he was 72 years old. Over a glass of champagne, Le Graët is said to have told him that “if he were closer, his ideas would become reality”.

My President sees me as two boobs and one ass

Sonia Souid, BFM TV.

During that interview, she fought back tears: “I get a huge slap in the face for having my federation president who sees me – although I feel competent and legitimate, I’ve managed to do things – like two breasts and one Ass. I was disappointed in my president. For me it has to be exemplary and it wasn’t. ” Sonia Souid bluntly denounces the objective of the president of the FFF: “He told me very clearly, face to face, in his apartment that if I want him to help me, I have to go to the pan “. Since this statement, the first, which undoubtedly resembles sexual harassment, can open the door to other witness testimonies of this kind.Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera, who has been calling for the departure of Le Graët in the same position since 2011, congratulated on Twitter “Sonia Souid on the courage (her) Expression”.

An exam is in progress

In an article in the monthly magazine So Foot, Noel le Graet had already been linked to sending sexual text messages to FFF employees. After its executive committee meeting, the association responded to this accusation with a complaint against the magazine “due to serious allegations of defamation”, which was the subject of the article. Since September 16, the Ministry of Sport has initiated an investigation within the FFF in order to clarify malfunctions and, in particular, anonymous testimonies of a sexual nature among the employees of the association.

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At that time, “Noël Le Graët undertook to transmit to this mission, with the greatest possible transparency, all reports that have recently been drawn up on the FFF, particularly those relating to its leadership and management,” according to the ministry. The conclusions of this audit may allow the veil to be lifted over the sexual allegations concerning the President of the Federation. Seemingly “multiple women” had “indicated to the verification mission the attitude of Noël Le Graët towards them”, the information was confirmed by AFP. The latter will be heard on Tuesday as part of the investigation, as will the Football Association’s director general, Florence Hardoin.

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