We’ve seen for you… the first episode of Cannes Confidential (TF1)

We’ve seen for you… the first episode of Cannes Confidential (TF1)

The 2023 edition of Canneséries allowed us to discover the new TF1 series Cannes Conndential starring Lucie Lucas, Tamara Marthe and Jamie Bamber.

What is Cannes Confidential? Focusing on the relationship between pragmatic detective Camille Delmasse (Lucie Lucas) and charming international hustler Harry King (Jamie Bamber), the series presents this atypical duo as they work together to solve crimes on the French Riviera. Their chemistry gets complicated after the arrival of Camille’s colleague and pal Léa Robert (Tamara Marthe), and after they reach an agreement to acquit the former police chief and Camille’s father of all corruption charges.

Pilot Presented at Canneseries Season 6

The essential

As Jamie Bamber himself says: Cannes confidential is an 80’s cartoon-style series that mixes comedy and action, moonlight or The deadly weapon In the cinema. But it is good Best regards This seems to be the first inspiration of the series, which multiplies the allusions to the image of the sounds of the credits, one of the opening sequences against the background of a car / motorcycle chase in Cannes or the looks and Anglo-Saxon humor of Harry (Jamie Bamber), a Sort of a cross between Brett Sinclair and Patrick Jane. For the series, the production came up with the idea of ​​bringing together two actresses who are as different as Roger Moore and Tony Curtis could be, namely Tamara Marthe (for whom this is the second series since profiling) and Lucie Lucas (light years removed from her role in clamp). How many series Cannes confidential Mixed plot with a common thread, here doubled between the story of Camille’s father (Jean-Hugues Anglade) and that of Harry.

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We love ?

It’s difficult to judge the whole of a series from a single episode, but this one does the job perfectly. The little winks accepted Best regards are sweet and pleasant, the humor is present mainly thanks to Jamie Bamber, perfect in his role, cabotining as it should, without ever forgetting to give a share of shadows and mystery to the character, like the end of the pilot. If the investigation of this first episode will not revolutionize the thriller genre – we are on the classic, which is quite logical because it is necessary to present the trio, their entries and the leitmotif – the action scenes and the setting will be on absolutely successful on stage and therefore a certain rhythm in the series.
While Camille and Harry’s will/won’t they side isn’t very innovative either, it is coupled with a more ambiguous relationship than it seems between Camille and Léa, a relationship that isn’t (yet) in his name is called this episode, but it might prove interesting later. As for the leitmotif, it’s installed in a rather clever way in this first installment, distilling just what it takes to hook the viewer and transport them into an even more twisted story, although we can only guess the outlines at the moment can “issued” where it is located. So in the end it’s a successful first episode, effective, without any revolution, but disguised as pure entertainment, it fulfills its mission very well. It’s part of a writing and production worthy of an American series of the same genre, and that helps give it its stamp of approval!

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However, a major downside is that the series is first filmed in English and then dubbed into French. International production very good, but in a city like Cannes to see everyone speaking “English” without anything in the story justifying it (we could follow the members of an international unit, which justifies the choice of language). This helps to “artificially” create a false distance between the characters and the audience, and prevents us from believing in the universe that is being presented to us (or, assuming we’re not exactly in Cannes), somewhat , which is very difficult series also a beautiful postcard for the city and the region.