Weather Reporter Kim Ga Young Slams Netflix’s Description of Her Job in ‘The Glory’

Weather Reporter Kim Ga Young Slams Netflix’s Description of Her Job in ‘The Glory’

weather reporter Kim Jeune him critical NetflixThe Success of K-Drama Fame for misrepresenting his profession.

Kim Ga Young | @_thegayoung/Instagram

On Jan. 8, Kim Ga Young uploaded a post to her Instagram account disparaging some of the weather reporters’ dramatic portrayals. In the theatre, Lim Ji YeonThe character says he would like a job.pretty glamorousand becomes a weather reporter.

Glamor job? (No,) a job where you have to work very hard. Convinced that you are not only responsible for people’s everyday lives, but also for their safety.

– Kim Ga Young

Kim Ga Young then mentioned a scene in Fame which features the character of Lim Ji Yeon, who is a weather reporter in the drama, with a team of writers working on his script.

Lim Ji Yeon’s character as a weather reporter | Netflix

According to Kim Ga Young, weather reporters are not only responsible for their own scripts, but also for their entire segments, including requesting infographics and conducting their own investigations.

(Someone) writes our screenplays for us? (No) Weather Reporters are responsible for everything from requesting CG graphics to researching and writing our own scripts.

– Kim Ga Young

However, Kim Ga Young ended her post by praising the drama and Lim Ji Yeon’s performance as a weather reporter.

Lim Ji Yeon is undoubtedly a meteorologist. Jokes aside, I honestly thought she was a real weather reporter. I became even more of a fan (because of) all the work she had to do. I also stayed up all night to watch the show but when is season 2 coming and in March?

– Kim Ga Young

Kim Ga Young’s message gained credibility as a renowned former weather reporter ah hye kyung liked your post. Ahn Hye Kyung was a weather reporter who debuted as a weather reporter for MBC in 2001.

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Kim Ga Young served as a weather reporter for GB since 2018 and is currently the weather reporter for MBC new office. Kim Ga Young is also winning fans over for his soccer skills SBSit is score a goal.

Kim Ga Young on a goal kick | @_thegayoungkim/Instagram