We tested for you … the exhibition “Tim Burton, The Labyrinth”

We tested for you … the exhibition “Tim Burton, The Labyrinth”

This Friday, May 19th, Tim Burton’s immersive exhibition opened its doors in Paris at the Parc de la Villette in Paris (19th Century). Exceptional scenography, stunning sets – delve into the heart of the filmmaker’s universe.

After the triumph in Madrid, Tim Burton’s labyrinth stops at the Espace Chapiteaux de La Villette for three months. More than a hundred works (most of which come from film recordings) immerse us in the world of his cult films. Far from being a classic exhibition, this maze is a genuinely immersive experience set in the twists and turns of the filmmaker’s thought. Alvaro Molina, who is responsible for the scenography, also tells AFP: “We wanted to represent the thought of Tim Burton and that’s why we decided on the shape of a labyrinth.”

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The visit begins with a figure with sharp teeth and a piercing gaze that invites us to walk through huge curtains of crimson velvet. Then we enter the first room. In the middle of this red neon room: a buzzer allows each group to choose their next piece. Door 1,2,3 or 4, this choice only leads to the second of the 15 rooms that the maze offers visitors. And it’s hard to imagine what awaits you…

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The all-ages tour, accompanied by the soundtracks of the films, immerses us in the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beetlejuice, Funeral Wedding, Alice in Wonderland and Edward Scissorhands. With more than 300 possible itineraries, the rooms, designed around “constant themes in Tim Burton’s work”, are connected behind numbered doors. The play of light, soundscapes, sets and costumes allows us to experience a truly dreamlike odyssey.

The exhibit also features life-size statues depicting iconic Burton characters such as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and Edward Scissorhands from the film of the same name. Tim Burton has also included his drawings and sketches, about fifty of which are animated to capture the attention of the youngest.

Even if you are unfamiliar with the world of filmmaking, the quality of the sets will surely make you want to photograph the smallest details. One thing is certain, the author of these lines has experienced it, it is better not to get lost in this labyrinth with its heavy and spooky atmosphere.

To get there you have to pay between 22 and 26 euros for the full price. Prices from 19.80 euros are also offered for students.

At its first stop in Madrid, the exhibition gathered “nearly half a million visitors”.