We saw for you… Peacemaker, the crazy super anti-hero from “The Suicide Squad”

We saw for you… Peacemaker, the crazy super anti-hero from “The Suicide Squad”

Peacemaker is the hero of a series in his image, violent and insane… but that also gives the character more depth. Airing on HBO Max in the United States, it arrives on Prime Video on December 30th.

What is Peacemaker? Peacemaker (John Cena), a supervillain who thinks he’s a superhero, will do anything to bring about peace – including killing innocent people. After several months in the hospital, he is back on his feet, but prison awaits him. Unless he agrees to take part in the mysterious butterfly project. Peacemaker joins a secret intervention team that will soon be joined by his old friend Vigilante (Freddy Storma).

Currently airing on HBO Max in the US and unreleased in France, peacemaker is a spin-off or sequel of The Suicide Squad. The 2021 film, directed by James Gunn (series creator and writer), followed – in a style that is deliberately violent, grotesque, deliciously silly and downright hilarious – a group of “super villains” who have been recruited on a suicide mission (hence the name of the teams ). Harley Quinn and King Shark also performed peacemaker a.k.a. Christopher Smith: a character born in a 1966 comic whose goal is to bring about peace, even if it means ” kill every man, woman or child ” to achieve that.

have seen better The Suicide Squad since peacemaker follows directly from the film – although we can content ourselves with the first scenes, which summarize the essentials. After the filmed mission, Peacemaker exits the hospital; To avoid going back to prison, he decides to join a secret Black Ops unit for a mission he doesn’t know about called Project Butterfly. On orders from Mr. Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji), he will be acting in secret with his new accomplices, the badass Harcourt (Jennifer Holland), the computer specialist Economos (Steve Agee) and the new recruit Adebayo (Danielle Brooks). They are trained, overarmed, resourceful… but unable to channel Peacemaker’s violence and extraordinary personality.

Peacemaker and its new partners

The credits have a small impact on social media and have the advantage of giving a perfect taste of the series. To the tune of Norwegian glam rock band Wig Wam’s Do you wanna taste it, the characters perform a silly and amusing ballet that in the last shot seems like a parody of a patriotic parade with its eagle (Eagly, the mega- American companion of the hero). With James Gunn as screenwriter and director peacemaker Bubbling with explosive violence, wacky and gritty humor, pop culture and DC Universe nods, nagging (but brilliant) 70’s/80’s rock. It’s an action comedy that ignores the meaning of the word subtle while mastering the absurd, the outrageous, the gore and the silly puns. Almost all of the characters have an eccentric side (special mention deserves the wonderful Vigilante who is obsessed with his secret identity), and especially Peacemaker, alongside that of the Homelander of The young almost pass for an altar boy.

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Fight, fun and rocking music: The first three episodes are extremely entertaining. However, it was feared that the series would be limited to a schoolboy and violent comedy. However, the sequel changes the situation: without giving up her style and humor, peacemaker enriches its eponymous hero in surprising ways and takes us down unexpected paths.

First, the series delves into his personal story: Peacemaker grew up with the hate and violence instilled in him by his father, the white supremacist White Dragon (awarded Robert Patrick), who forges his armor but despises and insults him. From multiple repressed traumas, peacemaker shows us the man behind the muscles and manages to create a sense of empathy. Or at least to make it clear that Peacemaker isn’t originally a bad person, but a broken child afraid of disappointing his father, whom he loves as much as hates.

Peacemaker and vigilante ready to defend peace and kill people.

The reverse of the view peacemakermore human and more fragile when he was so funny and so hateful The Suicide Squad, the series tilts into another dimension: if all the actors are excellent, the essentials of course rest on the (excessively broad) shoulders of John Cena, who also seems to be having fun. The ex-wrestler brings an irresistibly humorous side to his character, a sometimes annoying side, but also an unexpected vulnerability that makes him terribly endearing. And it’s inevitable: this poor fellow, we love him after all.

Most peacemaker The ethical purpose behind the parody is also interesting. For Peacemaker, we can even we must shed blood, including innocent people, if it is for justice or good – even as his position evolves over the episodes. And he repeatedly taunts Batman, criticizing his tendency to let his enemies live so they can escape and attack again. Two conflicting notions of justice and heroism, and an even more interesting debate on the eve of the film’s release The Batman. When Superman (who also considers it his rank) returns to America, the reflection it likes to give of itself (a powerful superhero always ready to protect the weak), peacemaker shows a completely different picture. A violent, sensitive and unpredictable guy who poses as a defender of the peace at all costs and shoots without thinking or worrying about collateral damage.

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Be warned: Peacemaker is packed with unbridled, self-assured humor, action scenes and plot twists; but it’s also less silly and less basic than it first appears. So we can approach it purely as entertainment, engaging and pleasing, but it should also offer a richer character and something more for anyone wanting to peek behind the wacky tone. We just say: Give Peace(maker) a chance.

Coming to Prime Video December 30th
8 episodes of about 50′.