We have tested the Sim Drivers driving experience for you

We have tested the Sim Drivers driving experience for you

Sim Drivers is the new place where you can try high quality driving simulators, it’s even the only one in Paris!

We arrive at this place and are immediately struck by the decoration, which fits the theme perfectly! Racing helmets as lamps, jerrycans as tables, neon signs on the walls with relaxation area in the basement, a perfect place to celebrate birthdays or have fun, alone or with company.

An immersive experience

Warm-hearted people have welcomed us to this temple of the automobile. No problem for novice drivers, our experience is guided step by step to make it as comfortable as possible! The first thing that strikes us is the myriad of options available to us. In fact, this driving simulator complex has no less than 50 racetracks and 200 cars, each more incredible than the next (both old porches, Audi GTs and even F1s).

The simulators are there to delight us: the mastodon with hydraulic cylinders (it costs more than 35,000 euros for this simulator) and 13 others used by the pros for training. The screen is so big that you are completely immersed in this burning universe. When the race starts, the simulator lets us feel every vibration of the roaring engine, we feel owned by something that transcends us. Out of the stable or the pits, the race begins: It is impressively realistic, the driving experience really adapts to the car. We even feel the gear changes, the quality of the brakes or the handling of the car. We believe it!

Illustrative images provided by Sim Drivers

A moment of joy

More precisely, the person who greets us and offers us the different cars is there to answer all our questions. We are told that there are two or three manipulations to know, and then it’s up to us to commit them! A piece of advice, it is better if you are a complete beginner to drive automatic because the gear changes can prevent you from using the power of the engine. Do not hesitate to ask equipped with headphones how to mute the sound sometimes to hear the advice of the woman who received us and who is a real champion!

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After a round or two you’ll get a better understanding of how it works and start really enjoying it, especially when you’re facing a friend! You can even try your hand at drifting, which remains a little more technical but guarantees guaranteed sensations on these professional simulators. Don’t hesitate to give yourself more than 15 minutes as it may seem a bit short before you really get started. Now, lovers of driving and thrills, you know where to go!

As a reminder:

  • 110 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris. Subway Odeon.
  • From 15 to 45 minutes of immersive driving on 14 professional simulators
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