“We can win, we have to win,” said Fabien Roussel

“We can win, we have to win,” said Fabien Roussel

During a presentation of aspirations for 2023 at the PCF headquarters on Monday 16 January, the party’s national secretary, Fabien Roussel, reiterated that it was possible to thwart the government’s proposed pension reform.

He is convinced of that. “We can win, we must win,” the fight against the government’s pension reform, French Communist Party national secretary Fabien Roussel hammered out on Monday as he unveiled his aspirations for 2023 at the PCF headquarters in Paris.

There’s a huge outreach this January 19th!

We can win against Macron and his reform if we are united and determined!#VoeuxPCF pic.twitter.com/OrREGDgJRI

— Fabien Roussel (@Fabien_Roussel) January 16, 2023

“Fed up is general”

The major unions, unanimously opposed to this state pension reform that would lower the statutory retirement age to 64, will mobilize on Thursday for a first day of strikes and demonstrations. The entire left has called for joining the protest. “The anger is great” and “fed up,” emphasized Fabien Roussel.

For him, “in view of this reform, the left has a great responsibility”, “to do all the persuasion work” and “to bring proposals into the parliamentary debate”, then “to carry a united alternative of progress”. He again called for making Thursday’s mobilization “a historic mobilization”. “Don’t take this demonstration like all demonstrations you know,” he demanded, underlining the “enormous, crucial challenge of being successful from the first mobilization to show the massive rejection of this reform”.

Finally, a few months before the PCF Congress, he wanted to “reconnect with a strong, influential, popular PCF, acting at the heart of the left, to enable it to regain a political majority” and “restore hope”. our fellow citizens”.

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