We Are The Best Couple In Defense For Happy People

We Are The Best Couple In Defense For Happy People


It’s okay to be someone who is always in the clear happiness to make sure everything is fine. But sometimes, it can be a disaster.

I am the real proof. From doing so much that everything is good, I almost release.

The divorce process is exhausting. Like falling into the middle of the ocean. The power slowly drains as you swim to shore to meet your destination.

Indeed, it is very torturous.

A few days before the first scheduled divorce hearing, I was in a frenzy. An unimaginable situation made me run from work, run to the car, and run home. I want to say one sentence to my wife at home: “I don’t want a divorce”.

“I need time, na,” said Runi, a woman who had been with me for five years at the time.

Judgment Day Runi did not come. For me, it’s an acceptable answer to refer to.

Ten years ago, Runi was the woman of dreams. She became the epitome of a beautiful woman on campus: beautiful, intelligent, kind, a good place to be out in the open, and independent. The same with me, who is known as a student who is always with everyone.

If defined, our relationship is the desired relationship nation. Our relationship is often praised, considered a perfect match.

There should be no visible damage. If we are seen fighting, people scold us.

What you up to?, used to fight with everything? runi, wellwhat’s wrong? It doesn’t matter.” That’s what people said at the time.

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two examplesExample. Runi and Alang are considered as a perfect couple and are admired by many people. (iStock/Hiraman)

Then, without realizing it, we adjust to the expectations of others, not our own. We also continue to strive to be perfect in front of people.

The smell of heartache is actually felt when we are in love. People’s expectations secretly upset me.

Assumption is man’s enemy. Expectations are nothing more than expectations held in excess.

Many times I tried to have sex.

It’s okay, like other women, I can be myself and I can do whatever I want. But not without Runi.

Until finally, the desire to get married appeared.

At that time, we had been married for six years and it was a must. Because our marriage is what many people want.

What you up to?six years of marriage, single?

Unknowingly, the habit of meeting other people’s expectations and pretending that everything is fine goes into home life.

Fatigue, mental stress due to work, various things I have never shared with running. I let Runi face her husband who is very cheerful and warm. I always try to smile, even though my heart is tired.

The peak happened after Runi gave birth to our baby. Runi changed into a different shape. There is no small amount of happiness coming from his face.

But then again, we always pretend that everything is fine. Runi didn’t talk about her feelings, and I didn’t always act like there was nothing to worry about.

After 1.5 years of giving birth, I can’t even touch her. let alone meeting, hugging or kissing is difficult. Runi closed the entrance without a word or signal.

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One day we tried to get back into physical contact. In a state of bed where he could feel the strong wind, his mouth became angry and said,Ck..Mumble seemed to describe feelings of laziness, apathy, and rejection.

I feel like getting angry. As a person, I feel shy.

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We Are The Best Couple In Defense For Happy People