Wanted by Germany for murder, a Somali man arrested near Lille

Wanted by Germany for murder, a Somali man arrested near Lille

A man in his 20s of Somali nationality suspected of carrying out a stabbing murder in northern Germany on December 19 was found by investigators from the Fugitive Search Brigade (BNRF) near Lille on Wednesday. Arrested, he will be handed over to the German authorities as soon as possible.

Stabs an Albanian causing his death, possibly against a background of narcotics. Here’s what a Somali man in his 20s was suspected of in the acts committed on December 19 in Flensburg, northern Germany. Since then, the police had lost track across the Rhine, but they had also heard from Marseille in certain elements of the investigation into the suspect.

In the wake of the European Arrest Warrant issued on December 30, the German criminal police involved the Fugitives Search Brigade (BNRF) of the Central Management of the Criminal Investigation Department. French police, specializing in locating fugitives, contacted the Marseille PJ’s “refugee group,” who quickly identified a possible fall point for the Somalis that was previously unknown to police and the French judiciary.

“The suspect, who entered from Menton via Italy, stayed with a compatriot from the Phocaean city for a few days,” Commissioner Guillaume Lacassin, head of the BNRF, told CNEWS. But the devil has already escaped. BNRF staff are continuing their investigation, following the technical elements and information and following a lead from Marseille Police: the suspect may wish to go to England.

“This time it is the Lille PFY’s ‘refugee group’ that has taken over,” the commissioner continues. “And they caught the man on January 11 in a psychiatric facility housing migrants in Marquette-lez-Lille, near Lille. Coordination between the services and with the Germans was most effective, especially as individuals employed camouflage techniques and did everything possible to thwart police surveillance.

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The facility where the suspect was being held did not know his background. Arrested, he was brought before the public prosecutor’s office in Douai and will be handed over to the German authorities for clarification of the facts suspected of him there.