Want to know the New Face of TMII? This is the entrance ticket price and how to buy it

Want to know the New Face of TMII? This is the entrance ticket price and how to buy it

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia

After being rehabilitated for 10 months. Taman Mini Indonesia (TMII) comes with a new face. TMII reopens in a limited manner from November 20, 2022.

Now you can see more green open space inside TMII. In addition, with a new face, TMII is also now more travel friendly.

Keong Mas IMAX Theater, Keong Mas IMAX, Cable Car, Titihan Samirono Monorail, Indonesia Cultural Park, Among Putro Skyworld Park, Snowbay Waterpark, etc.

TMII is also known to have many museums that add to the knowledge. If you miss visiting museums, in TMII you can see no less than 19 museums, some of them are the Museum of History, the Museum of Sports, the Museum of Asmat, the Museum of Insects, the Museum of Information , and others.

Don’t forget, there are still provincial pavilions in Indonesia TMII, which now has 33 regional pavilions standing around the Archipelago lake. Each provincial pavilion displays at least three traditional regional houses.

For those of you who miss going to the parks in East Jakarta, you must know how to enter TMII now.

This is because the way to buy TMII tickets is now different from before. Guests are asked to purchase tickets online at tamanmini.com.

In addition, because the relaunch of TMII is still a test, the number of visitors is still limited. However, later when it is fully opened, the number of visitors to TMII per day will reach 5 thousand people.

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This is the TMII admission ticket price and how to buy it