Want to earn money while shopping for essentials? Join Shopee Affiliate Only!

Want to earn money while shopping for essentials? Join Shopee Affiliate Only!

stylediacreativo.com, Jakarta Shopping activities have now become a part of lifestyle. From what was originally limited to fulfilling needs, it has now become a fun activity to do. Without needing to leave the house, you can now scroll through your favorite things in the market. Not only does it present interesting advertisements, users are also given the opportunity to create to generate profit and additional income easily.

Currently, there are many creative business ideas that can be business opportunities for the community, including Development. Where people compete to create interesting content from sharing stories about groceries, reviewing products to sharing tips or often called “Poison”. In view of this, Shopee introduced Shopee Affiliate, a program that provides additional income or commissions to individuals, especially content creators who work on social media, by promoting various products on Shopee and including links to products to be developed. This program offers a commission for every purchase from an eligible custom link.

Monica Vionna, Head of Business Development Shopee Indonesia said, “Technological advancements that have led to new things have given people new opportunities that can be easily used. One of them is to explore the possibilities and make a profit. through creativity. Through Shopee’s collaboration, the public is given a place to be creative in creating content or videos that can attract users to shop for products on the Shopee app. It’s not just offering and platforms, Shopee offers various benefits through commissions, both Fixed commissions and XTRA commissions in accordance with the relevant regulations, as well as free products and certificates by participating in campaigns Shopee.”

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One of the first steps in running an affiliate program is to develop interesting content ideas to increase interest in purchasing the promoted product. This can range from everyday activities such as;

Product Type Specific Interpretation

Review content is a place for individuals who want to share their personal experiences when using a specific product. Suggested content sharing or currently called “Toxic” content is usually created to contain information and judgments about a product that has recently been owned or purchased. Of course, do not hesitate to share the advantages and disadvantages of these products so that the results of the reviews are more reliable and attract attention. The content can also be different, it can discuss electronic products, fashion, beauty, home goods, etc.

Video Tutorials

The content in the tutorial is also effective in increasing your affiliate conversions! Creating content that promotes a product while informing readers how to do something is definitely very interesting. For example, you can easily create cooking tutorial content, or room and table decorating tutorials while embedding links to these products for readers to find.

Discuss what is happening

This is content that discusses current events. This content can be an important factor because most users are sure to keep up with the times, and they always try to stay up to date with the latest things, including products that people are still using. they.

Share Methods and Techniques

This type of content provides fun and easy information and tips that many people don’t know. Of course, when sharing tips and tricks, you must be careful to include the product you want to promote by including a link or affiliate link.

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By introducing a variety of exciting events, the benefits of joining this program are very diverse, including;

– Fixed Commission up to 10% for Shopee Mall, Supermarket, Star+ and Star products

– XTRA commission given by the seller up to 100% on top of the fixed commission

– FREE Products and Vouchers by joining the Shopee campaign

– Join the Shopee Community and participate in various activities to exchange ideas and develop with content creators to promote the creations for profit. Some of the fun things to do:

1. Meeting with content creators all over Indonesia: Shopee is currently holding the Shopee Creator Forum, which is a roadshow project for content creators who join Shopee Connect to get to know each other and discuss content.

2. Free educational webinars from selected speakers: monthly online learning sessions on how to create engaging content, increase engagement rates on social media, and much more.

3. Educational events & live broadcasts: live events aimed at answering questions about all Shopee affiliates!

To join the Shopee Affiliate program, you can directly join here or search for the word ‘Shopee Affiliate Program’ in the search feature in the Shopee application and take several steps:

Make sure you are logged in to your Shopee account before registering

Fill in the required information in detail and correctly

After successfully registering, wait a maximum of 3 (three) working days to receive a confirmation email and notification in the Shopee application

Make sure your social media accounts are active, open to the public and have original content. Additionally, Shopee accounts and social media accounts are personal accounts, not shop accounts or Shopee sellers.

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Download the Shopee app for free on Apple Store or Google Play Store and activate ShopeePay immediately.