Vortex VR: We tested the series’ virtual reality experience

Vortex VR: We tested the series’ virtual reality experience

While the Vortex series is a hit on France 2, a VR experience is available and there’s even been an operation in Paris. We have been there !

What is Vortex? 27 years ago Ludovic, police captain in Brest, lost his wife Mélanie in an accident. Revisiting a crime scene reconstructed in virtual reality, the unimaginable happens: a spatiotemporal fault opens up that allows them to communicate with each other, Mélanie in 1998 and Ludo in 2025! Melanie is supposed to die in 11 days… But if Ludo manages to save her, what will happen to his wife Parvana and their son Sam?

Become an investigator with Ludovic Béguin, the hero of whirl and go to the beach via the virtual reality room you enter to collect the clues and discover the identity of the body found. Available through virtual reality headsets, the experience Vortex VR settled for two days in the Forum des Halles in Paris. Invited to test, we drive there and, equipped with a helmet, receive instructions for collecting the clues via gamepads.
The immersion is through the series’ VR room, where we find Ludovic. Tomer Sisley has played the motion capture game and will assist you in this investigation (while the series writers were involved in writing this experience). The interaction is perfect, the rendering quite successful!

Then the most successful moment of the experience remains the moment of switching between the VR space and the reach of the series in VR. We really feel like we’re at the heart of the series, the result is stunning, the rendering impeccable. Then we dive into the game and it requires a little more control over the game for those who are not used to playing than for experienced players. You must therefore pick up the clues found on the beach and choose the right ones so that you can determine why the victim was on the beach and then his identity. If you’re helped when you’ve watched the series, you know the novice viewer’s enjoyment will be intact. To avoid spoilers, we recommend you enjoy the experience after Episode 1. It’s a perfect extension of the series experience.

“The realism of the escape game scenery was made possible by the precise mapping of the 2-hectare Corsen beach in Brittany, created by Fix Studio using drones. Subsequently, these elements were modeled in 3D for the series and adapted by the Chipo y Juan agency to integrate the game into virtual reality »

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You don’t have to find out the assassin’s identity, so no spoilers for the end of the series. The experience ends with the appearance of Mélanie, who suddenly appears on the beach while jogging, as in the series.
Allow an average of 15 to 20 minutes to play through the game (before the tide rises and washes away the clues), slightly more if, like the author of these lines, you have problems with gamepads, not without first having been chambered by Agathe Burtin, the police lab’s VR technician, for your lack of responsiveness and in-game speed. Remains a pleasant, fun experience, very well done, it’s more pleasant to see a coordinated chain of means to such immersive experiences.

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