Viral video shows old snippets of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung saying this is his true personality

Viral video shows old snippets of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung saying this is his true personality

A video montage by I HAVEIt is Jang Wonyoung since she was younger recently went viral.

Jang Wonyoung is taking the world by storm with her beauty, talent and success. Known as a “born in the bud” idol, she is always decent and balanced wherever she goes.

However, netizens have dug up her past moments that show a different side of the star.

Compiled from clips from his time as BY YOU member, the viral youtube short has a caption that translates “The original personality of Jang Wonyoung.”

| @user-kr5lv2yv3u/YouTube

The video shows moments of a young Jang Wonyoung dancing around the kitchen in an oversized Pringles shirt, using the sleeve to lift the lid of the pot.

Another clip shows Jang Wonyoung laughing and sitting on the floor in a very comfortable pose, with the caption below: “no fake” and “Stop hating for no reason.

The latest clip shows her lifting her leg and playfully stroking it with her limbs.

In response to this video, netizens had a mixed reaction. Some said they missed Jang Wonyoung’s older IZ*ONE version, claiming that she looked happier then.

| @user-kr5lv2yv3u/YouTube

  • “Why does Wonyoung’s past look happier than it does now? What are we really doing with this adorable Dragonite cuteness?
  • “It may be because she seems more human, but IZ*ONE Wonyoung looks so happy and her mind is peaceful.”
  • “IVE Wonyoung seems to be the mass production model of an entertainment company… I really miss IZ*ONE Wonyoung…”
  • “This is Jang Wonyoung’s real me; an always cheerful, sweet and pure Jang Wonyoung”
  • “I want to see Jang Won Young in a parallel world where she doesn’t become an idol. Perhaps she would have remained a pure and brilliant girl.

Others said it’s not about the “original personality,” but that Jang Wonyoung grew from teenager to adult like everyone else.

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  • “I’m not a fan of Jang Wonyoung or anything, but… I think it’s inevitable that a person can change and mature over time as they grow up. I don’t know if Jang Wonyoung is happy or not, but when people keep saying that they love and miss her old self when she’s just grown up and becoming more reserved, I think she’s stuck in a situation that she’s stuck in who makes her feel like she’s done being her old self… I’m not saying it’s wrong to miss that side of her, but wouldn’t it hurt if we told her to go back there , if she has already changed …?
  • “We all looked better and laughed more when we were in middle school, lol Jang Wonyoung gradually became more mature and reserved. I don’t think it’s fair to say the old one is real and the new one is fake. It’s important to respect her no matter what “side” she shows us.”
  • “Preferences can change over time and she might be wary of her influence. Either way, she’s a great person so please stop blabla and hate her for no reason.”

Then as now, Jang Wonyoung is still gorgeous and fans can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Watch the YouTube video here.


Source: @user-kr5lv2yv3u/YouTube