Viral video of groped Japanese girl in India speaks out for the first time

Viral video of groped Japanese girl in India speaks out for the first time

A Japanese woman who has been the focus of a disturbing video showing herself being groped without consent by a group of men in New Delhi, India, has spoken out after the horrifying encounter.

Japanese woman groped in viral video in India speaks out for first time 32

The incident reportedly happened last week during Holi celebrations in Paharganj district, a popular tourist spot.

As seen in the viral video, several men surrounded and touched the victim, smeared a colored substance on her face, smashed an egg on her head, and repeatedly pushed her between them.

Japanese woman groped in viral video in India speaks out for first time 221

The harrowing scene ends with one of the attackers trying to touch the victim one last time, but the victim punches him and leaves.

Japanese girl groped in viral video in India speaks up for first time

Holi is a Hindu festival that marks the arrival of spring and celebrates the eternal love between the gods Krishna and Radha. The celebration is accompanied by a ritual bonfire, food, music, dancing, and street parties that include playing with water guns and colored powder.

The viral video quickly sparked outrage across India, with many apologizing to Megumi and slamming their attackers for spoiling what was supposed to be a sacred celebration.

So far, according to available information, at least three of the attackers have been arrested, including a minor.

“We are all ashamed of what happened to you” wrote the Twitter user. “We apologize to you. Holi is a holy holiday and some of our fellow citizens slander it. Surely whoever has harmed you will be punished.”

“Indian culture is based on respect for women. », Commissioner Dev Prakash Meena tweeted to the victim. “During Holi, men and women play together with love, but there are anti-social elements who have misbehaved with you in the name of Holi, and all compatriots have been hurt by it. We apologize “.

The petting victim, identified by her Twitter handle “Megumi” and @megu1455 on YouTube, posted the video but deleted it soon after. In a new thread, she said she was overwhelmed by the resulting attention and apologized to those offended by the video.

“I tweeted the video. After that, the number of RTs and DMs increased more than I had imagined. I was scared so I deleted the tweet.” wrote Megumi, who has since returned to Japan. “For those who were offended watching the video, I’m so sorry.”

Megumi said she already knew it was dangerous for women to go out alone during Holi celebrations. Because of this, she dated 35 Friends; However, the number did not help her avoid the incident.

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“I would appreciate your understanding that I have not attempted to explain the anomalies of the Holi festival in India.”an écrit Megumi. “The place where the video was shot is considered one of the most dangerous in India and I attended the festival. »

Despite her experience, the Japanese tourist retains her love for India, stating that the Holi holiday is meant to be enjoyed by all “regardless of skin color or social status”.

She adds that local police have promised to step up action against this type of harassment.

“Above all, I love everything about India”, She said. “I have been there many times and it is a fascinating country. It’s a wonderful country that I can’t hate even though I witnessed this incident. India and Japan forever.”