Viral Video Mental Illness ‘Loves to Bed,’ What Are the Symptoms of Mental Illness?

Viral Video Mental Illness ‘Loves to Bed,’ What Are the Symptoms of Mental Illness?

Signs mental illness can be different. But this time, netizens are alarmed by a video that shows that one of the symptoms is taking a lazy bath and they usually go to bed but have trouble sleeping.

The short video explains that laziness in bathing and sleeping too much are early signs of illness.

One Twitter user wrote: “I don’t understand anymore, it’s all me.”

The video has been viewed by 1.8 million people and many have ended up identifying themselves with the absurdity.

Considering that self-examination is very dangerous for physical and mental health. This was revealed by Retha Arjadi, MPsi, a psychologist from UNIKA Atma Jaya some time ago.

“His behavior (cancer) is going to be dangerous. For example, read this on google like symptoms or behavior of anxiety and keep feeling ‘wow, this is all me’, then he believes that he is depressed and tells to anyone that he did it. It’s sad, the impact is serious,” said Retha quoted by detik.

“This means that if you just want to see a general picture, yes, you can, but if you are involved in research, you have to go to a specialist. For example, a psychologist or a psychiatrist,” he said.

So what are the symptoms of mental illness?

Mental illness in a person has many symptoms. Depression is one of the most common mental health problems. People with mental illness need serious care, similar to physical health.

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1. Personality change

Mental illness is associated with behavioral changes in a person. Quoted from Psychiatrist, people suffering from mental illness act and show different behaviors which are strange and sometimes irrational.

2. Climate change

The behavior of people suffering from mental illness also often changes negatively. They may be worried, angry, crying, or even abusive. Quoted from Psychology Today, these mood swings happen quickly, erratically, and without any reason.

3. Withdrawal

A person with mental illness may withdraw from society and spend time alone. They often lose interest in activities they used to enjoy.

4. Grief

Mental illness also makes a person lose hope. They think life is difficult and there is no hope of improving life.

5. It doesn’t make sense

Another symptom of mental illness is irrational thinking. They often have new beliefs and more.

Some of the symptoms are mental illness, but remember not to self-diagnose carelessly.

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