Viral on Tiktok, What is Tourette’s Syndrome?

Viral on Tiktok, What is Tourette’s Syndrome?

Girls from Palembang are infected Tiktok because he had difficulty controlling his body. He is known to have Tourette syndrome.

Tourette’s syndrome is a disease that affects the brain and nerves in such a way that the patient moves or speaks frequently without attention.

He started feeling this pain when he was worried again. Then he felt the movement of some of his body. He admits he can’t control the movement.

“At first I myself had a history of anxiety. When my anxiety was rising, I noticed there were small movements that I did not intend in the mouth,” said Tiktok account @belva.faristha to detikcom, Monday (29/8/ 2022).

But what is Tourette’s syndrome happening on tiktok?

Tourette syndrome is a condition related to the nervous system. This syndrome causes sufferers to experience tics in the form of repetitive movements or uncontrollable sounds.

Until now, the exact cause of Tourette’s disease is unknown. Many studies have shown that this syndrome is a genetic condition that is passed from parents to children.

However, citing the British Medical Journal, it is said that social media is causing Tourette’s disease on TikTok.

There are concerns that social media and websites like TikTok that promote the sharing of videos of influencers with symptoms may play a role.

Some teenage girls reported increasing consumption of these videos prior to symptoms, while others shared videos and information about their movements and voices on social media.

Citing Wired, the doctors warned “there is concern that social media and websites like TikTok that promote the sharing of videos of influencers with symptoms may play a role.”

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The girls there have no family history [tikus]so there is something different about this group,” he said.

Chowdhury continued, “There’s a sense of certainty. But you have to wonder if it’s providing the necessary intelligence,” Chowdhury said. “Experts and doctors know that there is advice. If I have a patient in my room and I say ‘Do you have a tic in you or the same,’ he said, ‘this is the temptation that many of us feel to raise the nerve. at the wedding ceremony when the minister asked him if there is a reason why these two should not get married, there is this advice. Watching this video can make people follow his example,” he said.

Suzanne Dobson of Tourettes Action, a British charity that supports people with Tourette’s and funds research into it, agrees.

But he questions whether direct feedback from social media really creates new tics, or simply encourages people to be more open about existing ones, so they seek to reduce them.

Young women are filming themselves doing their tics, and posting it on TikTok and saying: ‘What happened to me?’ [di komentar]’Maybe Tourette’s?’, and they got a lot of interest.

They gather followers. So as their tics become more extreme, the more they post, the more they seek validation from their peer group, and the more negative feedback they get.”

Chowdhury and Dobson believe that one of the reasons for the increase in girls experiencing tics may be stress – and we do not live in normal times now.

What is clear is how the components of Tourette’s disease tiktok are helping people who suffer from this disease, or tics, in a way that did not happen before.

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“In the early 1800s, people with tics were ostracized by their families,” Dobson said.

“That’s barbaric. It’s not about isolating these girls, it’s about giving them the support they need, and people should understand what happened to them.”


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