Viral on TikTok Ciledug-Bali for Rp. 130,000 only, here are some tips to save.

Viral on TikTok Ciledug-Bali for Rp. 130,000 only, here are some tips to save.

A video from the TikTok social media account @muhammadezrap has gone viral, after he went viral CiledugOther than that, you are Bali by spending Rp. Only 130 thousand.

In a video of 2 minutes and 26 seconds, the man whose full name is Muhammad Ezra Pratama showed these tips to save the trip from Ciledug to Bali. Inside TikTokthis video titled Cilledug-Bali Budget 130K since Wednesday (31/8/2022), has been posted 1.5 million times.

This account shows his itinerary to Bali, where the first trip starts from CBD Ciledug by taking Tayo CBD-Metropolis to the electric train station (KRL).

From there, he continued to take the KRL to Pasar Senen station. Previously, Ezra issued a train ticket to Surabaya Gubeng station from the KAI access application.

He got a discount so he had to pay Rp. 17,000 from Pasar Senen Station to Surabaya Gubeng Station using New Style Train South Night Train. From Pasar Senen Station to Surabaya Gubeng Station itself takes 13 hours 42 minutes.

The situation of Pasar Senen station is getting more organized after KAI with the provincial government of DKI Jakarta and PT Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta (Perseroda) have joined forces to plan the area of ​​the train station in DKI Jakarta which was launched on Wednesday (17/6/) 2020) .Pasar Senen Station, Jakarta. (Photo: Doc. KAI)

After landing at Surabaya Gubeng, the man continued his journey by train to Ketapang Banyuwangi Station for Rp. 56,000. After about seven hours, he finally arrived at Banyuwangi Ketapang station, then he traveled to Ketapang station.

“Isn’t it fun to take an economy train from Jakarta to Banyuwangi for 20 hours,” said the @muhammadezrap account.

He boarded a boat and went to Gilimanuk ferry port which departs from Ketapang port and the fare is only Rp 8,500. After arriving at Gilimanuk Harbor, walk to Gilimanuk Station, then take a PO Sehati bus to Gilimanuk-Denpasar at a price of Rp. 50,000.

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Ezra then arrived at Ubung station, Denpasar after traveling overland by PO Sehati bus for 3 to 4 hours. Finally, he took Trans Dewata for 0 rupiah to take him to Kuta area, Bali.

To travel from Ciledug to Bali, spent more than 24 hours. However, regarding the total cost of transportation, Ezra only needed to spend about Rp. 130 thousand.


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