Viral Jewelry from Sperm Looks Like Diamonds, Do you want to try it?

Viral Jewelry from Sperm Looks Like Diamonds, Do you want to try it?

Woman You have creation of creatures brooch which is unusual. In the video on TikTokshe told the story of how she got jewelry from body fluids, including air me.

Amanda Booth, a Canadian jewelry maker, is known for creating jewelry from bodily fluids including breast, cremated ashes and hair. The idea of ​​making jewelry from sperm originated from a comment from a netizen. Someone asked if Booth could also make jewelry from sperm.

Booth responded by asking his Facebook followers if anyone was interested in the idea. Soon some people asked Booth to make jewelry out of sperm.

Voila! Booth’s sperm products were also present.

You will not wear jewelry with a pendulum full of sperm. Instead, Booth added fresh water to the crystals.

As reported from PopBuzzBooth dried sperm, ground, and became a ready-made decoration.

“It’s something that people want and order. So I tried the model that my husband kindly gave me, and I’m going to make some jewelry myself,” Booth said.


Customers who want the same jewelry can send a sperm sample in advance.

“Managing it in our place is a bit difficult! But don’t worry, we will turn it into something good and new,” said the website. Booth.

Uncommon fans

An example of men's healthExample. A Canadian woman has succeeded in making jewelry from sperm. (iStock/Diy13)

It is the same with unusual jewelry. The fans are also known as unusual people, that is, those who mostly like natural things kinky.

One of Booth’s clients said that the ‘diamond’ pendant looks simple, but it shows the strength and depth of the relationship she has built with her partner.

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“We finally decided to have my husband use a condom and cut the end of the condom to save the product [air mani] in the product pipeline,” said Epsy, a customer, as quoted from Assistant.

After that, the tube is sealed, packed, and put in a plastic bag to send to Booth. They are just waiting to complete the special decoration.


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