Viral Gets Bell Sick Because of Fan, Really?

Viral Gets Bell Sick Because of Fan, Really?

A woman from Balikpapan, East Kalimantan admits that she is sick Bell’s pain fan until half of his facial muscles are weak.

This is due to the effect of the air conditioner or AC and the fan that is turned on at night directly facing his face.

Is it true that Bell’s syndrome can occur due to frequent exposure to cold from air conditioners and fans?

Bell’s syndrome is a sudden weakness in the muscles on one side of the face. According to the Mayo Clinic, the pain is sometimes temporary but can worsen over weeks.

This injury makes half the face difficult to move. For example, if you close your eyes, the other eye will not close. Even when trying to smile one part of the lips will not smile.

Almost everyone can face this problem. However, it is not known exactly what caused the disease, including the diagnosis of Bell’s disease due to a fan. The only thing I often complain about is because of the AC.

Caesar Zahka, consultant cardiologist at Burjeel Hospital said many people get Bell’s palsy after moving from a hot room (such as hot water) to a cold room with air conditioning spray.

Meanwhile, experts suspect that Bell’s palsy may occur due to swelling and inflammation of the nerve that controls the muscles on one side of the face. This can be caused by reactions that occur after a viral infection.

According to NORD, rather than the fan, bacterial and immune diseases are more likely to cause this disease. The symptoms develop due to insufficient blood flow and pressure on the cranial nerves due to the swelling of the nerves.

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Bell’s syndrome affects men and women in equal numbers. The elderly are more likely to get Bell’s palsy than children, but the disease can affect people of any age.

Pregnant women or people with diabetes or respiratory diseases may be at risk of developing these diseases.

Symptoms of a stroke usually appear suddenly. Here are some of them:

– sudden complete paralysis on one side of the face;
– a bright face with a smile like a smile;
– excessive;
– pain around the jaw or behind the ear;
– more important for sound;
– headache.

However, it is better not to face the pan too much so that the bell’s swelling does not get to it.


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