Viral Content Covering Aurat, This Is A Wise Way To Invite Hijab From Ustaz

Viral Content Covering Aurat, This Is A Wise Way To Invite Hijab From Ustaz

Benefit hijab and close private parts It is one of the obligations of Muslims, especially women.

Inviting Muslim brothers to do good, one of them is through the use of hijab or a veil to cover the private parts is also something that Islam promotes.

An invitation is the same as a sermon, but of course it should not be forced. On social media, viral video content has covered genitalia on the way. So how do you invite Muslim brothers and sisters to wear the hijab and cover their private parts if they will not be forced to?

Kyai Ahmad Fahrur Rozi or better known as Gus Fahrur from PBNU said that calling for grace must be done in a good way. This is necessary so that there are no misunderstandings that upset the invited people.

Gus Fahrur said, “If you mention it, you will be suspicious, so you will not feel sympathy, you are afraid not to accept his invitation to wear hijab,” said Gus Fahrur., Monday (29/8).

Gus Fahrur said it must be claimed wisely. It is not a few attempts to call for grace but it also causes problems for sins that Allah SWT hates.

This can happen when the invitation is not wise. According to him, there is a need for a friendly, easy-to-use and apparently less powerful method of communication.

Here are the ways to encourage Muslims to wear hijab and cover their private parts without forcing them to do it;

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1. Tell an interesting story about hijab
2. Buy a scarf in her favorite color
3. A good compliment if you have a new female friend wearing a hijab
4. Keep in mind the necessity of wearing the hijab as prescribed by Islam
5. Convey the invitation in good words and not intimidation.
6. Do not make a will, if it is rejected. Accept the advice without judgment.


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