Viral Content ‘Compulsory Hijab’, What is Sharia in Islam?

Viral Content ‘Compulsory Hijab’, What is Sharia in Islam?

Recently, the social media has been busy discussing the events of an influential person inviting women to use the hijab to cover their private parts.

Its content became a conversation because it included an invitation to wear hijab which is seen as forcing others. For example, by directly targeting women who do not wear the hijab, regardless of the person’s opinion or background.

Some of the videos are currently popular and are considered to be popular. Starting from the title to the image shown in the video, it is considered to be very interesting, for example the use of the most unusual words or phrases in the title and thumbnail.

So what is the Islamic point of view regarding this issue, is it permissible to invite people to wear hijab by forcing them to sell comfort items as this account did?

Kyai who is also one of the supervisors of DKI Jakarta Nahdlatul Ulama, Syamsul Maarif, said that Islam has taught his people to call each other to goodness. Including covering the genitals and using the hijab for women.

“Covering the genitals is a must for Muslim women and men, it is a must for one person. It would be better if it was better to raise awareness and remind the Muslim brothers and sisters,” said Syamsul when he was contacted., Monday (29/8).

However, this good thing can turn into something bad or bad if the invitation is made forcefully and even seems to scare.

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Syamsul said, the inviters also receive sin and anger from Allah SWT. Especially if the invitation is made by humiliating the invitees by showing pictures, videos or even pictures of the person.

“So it’s harmful, it’s a sin, it’s not a reward, because everything has to be done carefully and not forced, remember this is an invitation not forced,” he said.

Kyai Ahmad Fahrur Rozi or better known as Gus Fahrur said the same. He said that the invitation to use the hijab and cover the aura is something that Allah SWT wants but it must be done gently and not forced.

“Kindness is not forced, Da’wah is an invitation and conveyance, and the rest is the guidance of Allah SWT,” he said when contacted by

According to him, this is in line with what Allah SWT said in QS Al-Qasshash verse 56 and Baqarah verse 272, which is as follows;

you do not guide the one you love

“Truly you (Muhammad) cannot guide whom you will” (QS. al-Qashash: 56).

It is not up to you to guide them, but God guides whom He wills

“It is not up to you to guide them, but God guides whom He wills.” (QS. al-Baqarah: 272).


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